A Couple of Acorns Sitting Around Talking….

Acorn Elders The current weather wisdom says that the moderate temperatures of this summer are going to lead us into a spectacular fall foliage season.   I can’t wait!  In the meantime I’ve been finding glorious acorns.  This little group reminds me of a cluster of elders waiting for the bus to take them shopping.  It’s … Continue reading

Nothing Smaller than Your Elbow, Please

OK, Napsters, I was on the fence about blogging this but it could be considered a public service announcement. Thanks to Notorious s.t.u. who convinced me to turn it into a post. For the past few months I’ve been reconciling myself to the fact that my sense of hearing is fading. Stands to reason as … Continue reading

Bibbi’s World

Laundromats are a sort of temple.  They provide sanctuary and silence to be with your thoughts.  They have noisy congregations, and quiet times of solitude.  Their incense is the whiff of bleach and fabric softener brought to life by the steam of the dryers.  If you are cold, there is warmth.  If you are stained, … Continue reading

Mercy and Halie

Mercy and Halie were indeed siblings. The eldest of five, they were holding their family together living in a van while their parents tried to find both work and another place to live. Unfortunately these searches were interrupted by their competing needs to stay on their meds or to spend their available cash on self-medication.  Bibbi … Continue reading

The Laundromat: Where Life Unfolds

…… need to catch up?  Read the first installment of this story here:  Feckless Fiction, Unfinished.   Owning a laundromat is not unlike owning a bar.  You have your regulars and you know what they like.  You have the types who don’t know when to quit and are always spoiling for a fight, and you … Continue reading

Pops is Tops

I’m grateful I can still call my dad on his land line to wish him Happy Father’s Day.  I included him as part of my A-To-Z Challenge this year in the post, “Bonus Time ~  The Ballad of Boris.”   After we spoke today I remembered all the good advice he’s given me.  Below are some … Continue reading

Award-Winning Post

Last week I was happily surprised and honored to be nominated by abundance in the boondocks for a Leibster Award, which is a nice way of recognizing and spreading the word about a sleepy little blog with an “elite” following.  I’ve found a few different iterations of the rules defining “elite” from as many as … Continue reading

Mom’s Slingshot Theory

During the luxury of a first pregnancy you have this rich, fantastic experience of imagining your baby not just as an infant, but all through his or her life.  In most of these fantasies you imagine your child as a sports phenom, a musical prodigy, a high-IQ intellectual achiever, POTUS, or maybe winning a world-renown prize.  … Continue reading

“Z” End of April

I made it through the alphabet!  You have been a wonderful audience for this crazy month of posts. Some interesting stats: This little blog had over 480 views this month, a record — which is over 11% of all views ever. The most active day was April 15 — coincidentally the day US Income Tax … Continue reading