Normcore: Or the Fetishization of No Fashion

I’ve spent my career working in the rag trade.  I’ve worked with designers and merchants, knock-off artists and pattern-makers.  I’ve worked sample sales until my feet felt like bowling balls.  So I know that anybody can buy Fashion at the highest price, but I learned that a real fashionista knows where to get it cheap.  … Continue reading

Matzo: It’s Not Just For Passover Anymore

Last night began the Jewish holiday of Passover, celebrating the Israelites’ escape from slavery.  If you know any Jewish folks you may see them bringing matzo for lunch over the next seven days in observance of the holiday.  Matzo is unleavened bread.  It’s just flour and water, but the flour can only be from wheat, … Continue reading


I am a huge fan of the library.  In one of my past lives  if I were traveling solo on a business trip, I’d try to find a community library to visit during my downtime.  It made me feel more “at home” than eating room service in my hotel room.  My parents fanned the flames of … Continue reading

Kefir: Microbiome Powerhouse Food

Fermented foods are enjoying a renaissance of sorts.  They have massive amounts of probiotics that boost the immune system which in turn enhances the enjoyment of everyday living.  So before I talk about our featured “K,” kefir, allow me to refresh our knowledge base of the human microbiome.  This may seem strange but think of … Continue reading

Dr. Alison Jolly 1937 — 2014

Dr. Alison Jolly passed away on February 6, 2014 at the age of 76.  She was a primatologist (who also happened to be a wife and mother of four) who rocked the science community with her research in evolutionary biology that challenged the assumption of male dominance among primates.  Until her work with the lemurs … Continue reading


  Is there anything more iconic than blue jeans?    Indigo dye is what makes our denim look as good as it feels the older it gets. Some quick and dirty facts about indigo: The word indigo is from the Greek, meaning “from India.”  Indigo is insoluble, color-fast and can last for centuries – even millennia!   … Continue reading


“H” was the first letter I ever wrote.  I was four, and it was the first letter I even recognized as being a letter.   It looks like a goal post — or a person holding up both arms in victory.  Or it could be that the crossbar is a hula hoop.  See, “H” is all … Continue reading

Grit and Gastroliths

We’re into the second week of the A-To-Z Challenge and the novelty of posting every day is wearing off.  To keep up the momentum I need to get gritty.  So I turned to Merriam-Webster for a little inspiration, and the dictionary gave me four definitions with number 4 as my money shot: 1:  sand, gravel … Continue reading

Feckless Fiction, Unfinished

Below is a piece I started during a NaNoWriMo attempt.  I’m notorious for starting with a full head of steam and then just petering out.  So I’m taking advantage of the A-to-Z Challenge to bulk up my writing muscles and get some word count in every day.  I hope you will indulge me by reading … Continue reading


I’m no spring chicken so I’m always astounded by the new things I learn.  So here I am at the letter “E,” and learning for the first time about Dutch computer science pioneer Edsger Dijkstra who leads off today’s post with this marvelous quote about elegance – “Why has elegance found so little following?  That … Continue reading