The Branches of Your Labors; or What Didn’t You Do Today?

The official title of this post is What Didn’t You Do Today, or WD(N)YDT, in homage to the American holiday of Labor Day.  And since there is a sense of irony to this blog I will point out that I did labor today.   Folks who know my family are familiar with the phrase, “It will only take twenty minutes.”   This is usually uttered by our patriarch who is in the middle of a project when he realizes he may * have bitten off more than he could chew.  About ninety minutes later we family members find ourselves sweaty, muddied, and sometimes bloodied, but usually proud of a job well-done with some family folk-lore to tell future generations.  Today was no exception — except I was the only assistant.  The goal was to prune a tree that was coming dangerously close to overtaking the roof, and pile the branches at the curb to take advantage of the town’s recent hurricane clean-up.  I am also proud of my supporting role as the “Voice of Reason” ~  reminding the patriarch to move the ladder (and himself) out of the angle of the falling branches.  And I kept the phone close by to speed dial 911 just in case.  Because you know that the Voice of Reason’s lesser angel is the Voice of I Told You So.

* — meaning he knew all along that this project was easily a 2-man job of an hour’s duration.


2 thoughts on “The Branches of Your Labors; or What Didn’t You Do Today?

  1. a delightful little homage to the value of teamwork in a marriage! Good for you, spotting the Patriarch so he didn’t break his keppie, and good for him, making an effort to save a couple of shekels by doing it himself. Do things ever get outta hand though, and you have to just shut it down after 20 actual minutes?

  2. LOL…. no, we’ve never had to actually halt after 20 minutes, but there have been times the Israelites have discovered the Pharaoh taking his break in the shade while we are toiling past the 20 minute mark. But it usually ends in a some hearty laughter and the reward of a glorious dinner.

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