When Three’s a Trend, — or Is That My Grandma, Jezabel?

1. I read a “catty” quote attributed to Tim Gunn,  recently.  It was in a glossy insert to the New York Post so I’m trying to fact-check it, but the man is such a gentleman, this is as snarky as he can get.   He said, “New York is filled with women I call grandma Jezebels.  They’re women in their 50’s and 60’s who dress as though they’re teenagers and it’s so inappropriate.”  I’ve also heard this type of behavior called “clinging to youth.”   (personal note:  I was once on a little 7AM commuter flight to Milwaukee with the Mr. Gunn.  The other bleary-eyed business folks had no idea who he was, but he was absolutely charming and I swear he was sparkling — from the top of his head to the points of his shiny shoes.)

2.  Then I espied an article in the NY Times Thursday Styles section about the “RepliKates,” young women and designers who are so into the style of the Duchess of Cambridge that they are bringing back demure long-sleeve dresses worn with sheer hose and pumps.  Or, to put it in comparative terms, Catherine is the “anti-Kardashian.”

3.  Finally getting caught up on last Sunday’s papers, I caught this mini-interview (also in the NY Times Magazine) with Carine Roitfeld, the former editor of French Vogue.  She sez about American women, ” Oh, it’s a bit too comfortable the way she is dressing, you know?  And not in a nice way.”

So is there a trend underway to bring the lady back?  Or as my grandma would say, “a little mystery” to a woman?  Or should we be on the look-out for a back-lash of sorts?  Since we’ve become a Spandex nation there is no turning back to too much rigidity in our waistbands.  But I’d like to see (and challenge myself to use) a bit of forethought in how we present ourselves in public.  I’ll make the grocery store/corner bodega a “free zone,” because we all need to make that quick stop after the gym or first thing out of bed for coffee, but when we’re out in the public square let’s snap it up a bit, shall we?


2 thoughts on “When Three’s a Trend, — or Is That My Grandma, Jezabel?

  1. I agree – if you are old enough to have a teenager, you are too old to dress like one, and as much as I like to be comfortable, there are certain lines I’ll never cross: no one at work ever sees my toes or belly button, or any of my vast collection of Tshirts with cartoons or text on the front (not even my brand-new favorite “Lady Macbitch” shirt!) – and I never get behind the wheel in sweatpants unless I’m going somewhere to exercise. Honestly, the best thing that ever happened to me was to get a job where the students sometimes shop at my local supermarket – I dare not run to the A&P without freshening up just a little, ‘cuz I just know that’s the day that I’ll run into half of my freshman Comp class from last year, dying to spread the word that Dr. Blog was prowling the snack food aisle wearing pajama pants and a weirdly colored man’s sweatshirt with a hole in the armpit. I’m sure it’s a little easier for Kate ? – who WOULDN’T agree to deliver if the Duchess of Cambridge called and asked for an emergency supply of groceries or tandoori chicken – but still, I just love her style, especially since she is young and pretty enough to get away with more provocative looks.

    1. I do like that Duchess Kate is not only keeping it officially appropriate in her day job, but she also shows a great knack for “off the rack” selections that we commoners can execute.

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