Pajamas: Public Menace or Just Too Public?

I’m into comfort as much as the next person, and I do like pajamas, but what’s up with this trend of wearing your pajamas out in public?  Here’s a look at Marina in Milan (October 7, 2011)  over at http://www.thesartorialist.com/.  The post got a lot of comments — many along the lines of “Huh?  I just don’t get it.”  You know the Can I Take a Nap First rule:  if the house sees it 3 times, it’s bona fide. So the first strike was Alexa Chung “designing for Madewell” and the $200 EACH PJ Bottom and Top. Second was the NY Post actually sending a reporter out into the NYC streets for a day in the Madewell PJ’s, (my apologies for not inserting the Post’s link here, but it seems you can’t link to content older than a day) and the third was The Sartorialist over in Milan.

You can’t confuse this with any other type of apparel — they ARE traditional style PJ’s — printed pants with a drawstring or elastic waist and a notch collar button-up top — maybe with a pocket.  I frequently wonder what you put in the PJ pocket.  Mine always seem to collect lint from the dryer and I can’t imagine you’d house a pack of smokes there.  I like both menswear and novelty prints,  crisp poplin, sexy satin and cozy flannel fabrics.  You should get a sense of pleasure and personal style even while sleeping.  But still….

There are days when the sun sets and I’m still sporting my sleepwear from the night before.  Rainy Sundays have always been the best reason to stayed jammied -up, but you have to be a very close friend to actually SEE me in my dishabille.  My college roommate, Trixie, was a kindred spirit in this exercise, and I think of her with great fondness on rainy Sundays when I’m flipping the pancakes with a blanket draped over my shoulders, coffee mug in hand and the papers spread out all over the floor.   My New Year’s Eve cohort has seen me , too and they still love me (or at least can stand the sight of me long enough to eat breakfast.)  But for the world at large, I’ll keep a little mystery around my bedclothes.


3 thoughts on “Pajamas: Public Menace or Just Too Public?

  1. Nobody loves a well-made pair of PJ’s more than I do, but I think one of the things I love so much is that they are the one garment that means HOME home HOme homiehome homE ! If I am in my jamz it means I don’t have to go anywhere, don’t have to see anyone except my nearest and dearest – it wouldn’t be the same if I had to share ’em with the outside world. Even if I’m just dragging recyclables out to the curb, I put on a jacket or hoodie, and real shoes, so the neighbors think I’m just wearing goofy pull-on pants. I use the pocket for a Kleenex, btw, when I have a cold, or maybe a pen if I’m grading papers on my day off-campus.

    1. Ah Dr. Blog, I like the way you think. That pocket is perfect for a little hanky or maybe even my ipod now that I think of it.

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