Laundry Room Taj Mahal: The Prequel

This blog makes it appear that I am obsessed with laundry.  This is not true.  I do like clean clothes and am grateful for the convenience of washing them @ home in my jammies with a washer and dryer, but since I started this blog it is a strange coincidence that my washing machine went on the fritz.  More precisely, doing the wash is like playing Russian Roulette:  I just don’t know if that last spin IS the last.  I’ve been smart enough NOT to do a big honkin’ load of towels, but I’m starting to get those over-developed Pop-Eye forearms from wringing out socks and underwear whenever I push my luck.

So the most excellent news is that the NEW washer and dryer are coming next Saturday, and I am giddy with anticipation.   So today the three of us (me, the Guitar Man, and this blog’s patron saint, Jenna, home for Fall break) constructed these nifty platforms for the new machines.  I don’t want to build this up too much, but next week I hope to show all you DIY-ers a photo of the final installation ~  maybe even with a load of wash tumbling!


7 thoughts on “Laundry Room Taj Mahal: The Prequel

  1. It’s something in the cosmos – knock wood, my washer/dryer are OK, but as you know our refrigerator conked out at about the same time as yours, and now the fridge at the other house is on the blink as well (the lights go on, it sounds like it’s running, but nothing gets cold.) We talked to a local service guy who thinks maybe the compresser died during a big power surge after the hurricane, and that it may be fixable. Keep yr fingers crossed for us!

    1. Fingers and toes crossed ~ must be the full moon or mercury in retrograde that is exerting pull on our appliances. (or just their planned obsolescence)

  2. I had the compressor go out in my central A/C unit a few years ago, and got that replaced for the sum of $250, including labor. Hopefully your fridge will be affordably fixed.

    Having your own washer and dryer is such a luxury. I haven’t had to go to a laundromat since I was in the Navy, and I don’t ever want to have to again.

    1. I mean, it isn’t like we’re taking the clothes to the river to beat them on rocks, but it is so easy to take in-house laundry for granted. The few times I’ve taken big comforters to the laundromat just make me all the more grateful.

  3. last year I punked and took the big comforter to the dry cleaner. But with your big front-loader, Rosie, you may be able to wash even that big bulky stuff at home. (BTW, tomorrow is Trixie’s birthday!)

    1. Speaking of the homemaking arts, Trixie is still the gold standard for cleanest roommate EVER…. girlfriend brought her own drying rack freshman year. Happy birthday, Trix! I hope your corneas cross these humble pages in the days to come. (since I shamelessly put the URL in the birthday card I mailed…..)

  4. BTW, I was browsing consumerreports.org (my niece got $$ for her girl scout troop if I subscribed to something) and learned that although liquid Tide is in fact the highest-rated detergent, lowly Wisk came in a close second for a fraction of the price. Now you all know from previous blog discussions that I mostly don’t use commercial laundry detergent anymore, but I haven’t been able to convert Fang to my nutty homemade low-phosphate potions, so I bought him a bottle of Wisk on sale, to see how it does.

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