Population Explosion!

Data released from CTIA, the wireless industry association, counted 327.6 million wireless customer connections.  That’s equal to 103.9% of the US population, my friends.  So, exactly how many wireless heat-seeking devices are you packing right now (each with their own account)?  Almost makes me wish we could get those nifty micro-chip brain implants so we only have to nod our heads to access our health records/make a phone call/start our cars/pay our bills.   Brave New World indeed.

In related news, the world’s population is projected to hit 7 BILLION by October 31, 2011.  Makes me very aware of how much consumption I’m doing and how much of a mess I’m making in the process.  I’m frightened when I think of both my grandparents and (hopefully) my grandchildren.  How my grandparents were so full of optimism for me, but will I buoy the next generation with the same bright optimism?  Take a nap now? I’m afraid this will keep me up quite a few nights.


4 thoughts on “Population Explosion!

  1. The funny thing is, the next generation IS full of optimism, all by themseves – you know this, ‘cuz they live in your house. Things that we see as “losses” are, to them, ancient history, in the same way that I just can’t understand those old guys going on and on about how they cried the day the Dodgers left Brooklyn. I don’t mean to make likie of your concerns, Rosie, I truly don’t, but life’s messy – always has been, ever will be. I’m paraphrasing here, but remember the Nicolas Cage character in “Moonstruck,” insisting that we’re put on earth to make a mess of things and love each other? It’s kind of what I live for.

  2. p.s. I meant to say make LIGHT of yr concerns – I don’t even know what sort of gremilin turned that into “likie”

    1. Once again, Dr. Blog, you put it all together with a healthy dose of perspective. I try to stay future-oriented, but sometimes I do get overwhelmed by it all. That’s when I know a “news fast” may be in order. And a healthy dose of “let it be.”
      And you can “likie” me anytime! 🙂

  3. We did sort of an unintentional “news fast” while in Ireland last summer – the Europeans have news, of course, but their priorities are different than those of us in the U.S., plus the Irish aren’t as glued to their tiny digital transmitters as we are – and Fang said that despite the globe-trotting pace, it was the most rejuvenating 2 weeks he’d spent in ages.

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