Laundry Room Taj Mahal: The Big Day Arrives

We begin in the basement, prepping for the long-awaited delivery of the new washer/dryer.  Since the delivery is not expected before noon the Guitar Man and I have time to do some general tidying.   We have a finished basement where I have staked out a little space we call the Woman Bar. The WB is the yin to the Man Cave, and I have a wide counter to house my computer (where the blog magic happens) and still have room to fold a load of wash, warm from the dryer.  Underneath the spacious counter is a cabinet that holds overflow appliances and serving pieces that are only required for state occasions.  However, there is another item that has been safely stowed there.   A beloved item, hidden within 6″ of my knee.

Ohhhhhh… you must be wondering what this special item could be.  For at least a year, he claims two, my husband has been searching for his digital scale.  It’s a sleek scale that weighs up to 150 lbs, and if you are shipping something or even packing for a trip it is important to know the weight of your box/luggage.  So for the past year or so the man has been gerry rigging the bathroom scale or extrapolating the weight of an object minus his estimated body weight…. with attendant muttering and wishing for his long-lost scale.  He’s an optimist:  he has never given up hope that the scale would be found, and every so often a search party would be launched in the garage or the basement to find the scale….. yet the sanctity of the Woman Bar was never breached!

So today, as I’m re-organizing some space in the WB, what do I find?  Why, it’s the scale!  Resting right at the front of the cabinet.  So when I utter, “Is this your scale?”  I hear nothing…..just a loud intake of breath– the reverse of a sigh, you might say, and I brace myself:

“HOW DID MY MANLY SCALE GET IN THE WOMAN BAR!!!   You must have put it there on purpose…. just to torture me.”

Here is a picture of the scale:

The Long Lost Scale

I wash the dirty socks of this fine man, how could he even imagine I would intentionally hide his beautiful and useful scale?  And in his defense we did have a good laugh (an hour or so later after he went to fill up my car and get the oil changed.) He also reminds me that he’s been asking me CONSTANTLY if I’ve seen his scale. I guess you could say in my zeal to keep things civilized around the homestead I am guilty of being over-zealous in storage.  But when you see my husband please ask him what he had for breakfast that day…. or where his hack saw is.  You’ll get a smile and some stalling for time… until he asks me.  But you know, we are yin & yang, and the melding of our strengths far outweighs our collective weaknesses.

But now on to the Main Event!  They’re here in Old School White, and I’m washing my inaugural load of socks and underwear, watching the spinning and waiting for the dulcet LG chimes signaling it’s time to nestle them into the dryer. No annoying nasally buzzer; the sound is a bit like the Old Spice jingle.  I wish I had some installation anecdotes as good as the refrigerator, but these babies just moved into the space of the old tenant machines.  I have great respect for the folks who deliver appliances  8 hours/day.  They use these nifty “moving straps” to carry these appliances up and down the stairs.  It looks easy, but you know that’s just an illusion.  What is exciting are the nifty DIY platforms the Guitar Man made last weekend.  I painted them a calming blue  (with left-over paint from a previous project, of course).  Notice how my laundry baskets can be stashed right underneath.  Have a look:

The Taj
Their Best Angle

But now I realize I have about 1o gallons of the “old” detergent — not the new HE kind this new FL uses.  First-world problem for sure.


9 thoughts on “Laundry Room Taj Mahal: The Big Day Arrives

  1. :::applause::: Congratulations! Very handsome couple there 😉 Glad you found that scale, that’s a nifty little thing to have. What a relief it must be to be functional again in the laundry department. Kind of screws everything up when you can’t take care of basic tasks like that.

    1. :::bowing and throwing kisses ::: Thank you, thank you!
      So far I’ve been pleased with the pair’s performance….since there is certainly a backlog of dirty ditties to get caught up on. But this post also marks my first photo upload so I am kinda happy about that, too. Now it’s off to the basic task of grocery shopping.

  2. Mazel Tov! I’m chuckling at Guitar Man’s firm (and eventually accurate) insistence that you had something to do with the disappearance of his scale. Is he alsways sure, as my husband is, that you know what happened to his glasses? (first, how badly do you need ’em if you’re always misplacing ’em, and second, why would I have anything to do with another person’s EYEGLASSES?!)

    You can’t use the old-skool detergent, even in tiny amounts – as in maybe you measure it with a teaspoon or an eyedropper?

    1. I’m not sure if this is HE detergent thing isn’t some marketing gimmick. Americans are notorious for thinking more of anything has to be better ~ including suds, so maybe some more research is in order.
      It is amazing how little water goes through the machine but so far the clothes as coming out clean and practically dry!
      And I’m afraid that in our house I am the one who is always stumbling about asking, “Anybody seen my glasses?” It’s usually just a cry for help rather than an accusation, as I’m sure it is with your fine husband.

      1. The first coherent sentence I ever uttered in Polish was “Auntie, where are my glasses?” It was the first time we visited the Old Country, when I was a teenager, and I was not yet used to my surroundings. My aunt was so excited that I’d said something she could actually understand, she gave me a hug and a kiss and danced around as though I’d recited the entire New Testament, in Polish, from memory.

      2. I’ve heard the explanation that the suds churned up when using tradish detergent can really crap up the mechanism in the front loaders, and god knows after splurging on a grand appliance like that you’ll want to take care of it, but y’know, a Maytag repairman once told me the same thing about using too much of the tradish w/my regular top-loader – he said that the amount of Tide recommended on the label has been known to foam up and cause the motor to seize up, requiring a service call that could’ve been avoided by using, as your esteemed
        m-in-l used to say, “just grains.” As we’ve discussed, I measure my detergent in teaspoons, not cups, but I’m not pretending to have any expertise re: the newfangled models

  3. Your DIY platforms look great! Our not-that-new washer also plays a jingle. We think it says “Laundry is done, laundry is done.” Very communicative.

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