How Many Hours Does It Take a Married Couple to Add Knobs To Cabinets?

I was afraid that with my lofty NaNoWriMo goals of penning 1666 words/day I’d run out of juice to post, but I’m happy to report that the need to procrastinate is even greater now.  I’ve just been too tired from Sunday’s knob-a-thon to actually get onto wordpress.  So this may be a short post, but it’s another homage to my spouse who has dominion over the higher math functions.  You see, we’ve lived here for 20+ years but never put any hardware on our kitchen cabinets.  We just couldn’t make a decision to go with silver or brass or glass…. and you know how life interferes sometimes.   So this week we decided to get the stainless steel knobs and pulls to match (say it!!! ) the behemoth refrigerator.

First we had to actually figure out how much hardware we needed…. and you know, it was way more than I thought:  21 knobs and 8* pulls. Of course this meant 3 trips to the Home Depot.  The first to get all the knobs, the second to return the knobs that were incorrectly packaged/mis-marked and the third to get  2 more pulls because we miscounted the first time and only got 6.

Then we had to measure and mark all the places where they should go.  Here is where the higher math skills come in.  Like what do you call the little lines on the tape measure between the inch, 1/2 and 1/4 marks?  Those are TEENIES!!  You also need higher math skills to calculate that it took us 4 hours from start to finish!!  But look at the bright side:  the junk drawers got cleaned out again.


2 thoughts on “How Many Hours Does It Take a Married Couple to Add Knobs To Cabinets?

  1. hahaha! They say every DIY home improvement project takes at least 3 trips to the home improvement store. In my case it can run to 5. :-}

    You know if you can’t write every day, you will probably have days when you can make up the word count in writing sprints. We all know Thanksgiving Day is a loss right off the bat, which is why I’m trying to get a day or two ahead of the word count now.

    I bet the kitchen looks great now! 🙂

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