Friday Night. Let the Great Tub Spin! Let the Words Tumble Out!

This says a lot about your life-stage when you are REALLY excited to get down on a Friday night by putting up a couple a’ loads of laundry and pounding out a couple thousand words at the keyboard.  Seriously, is this a country for old women or what?

But before I do this I must warm up on Can I Take a Nap First?, because I have been a “post delinquent” this week.   The hard truth is that I’ve just been lazy.  Not so lazy that I’d miss fun dinners with good and dear friends, but way too lazy to get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later (or give up watching The Daily ShowSHAMELESS PLUG: The Daily Show is THE best written news show ever…. really, they say it’s comedy, but it is The Fool who speaks the truth).

And I started A Visit From The Goon Squad @ a week ago and I find myself saying, “Just one more chapter.”  I also find myself saying, “DAMMIT!  Why can’t I write like that?”   Then I remember that to compose good prose you have to actually write some words and then go back and edit them ruthlessly.  Which just brings me back to the original guilt for NOT working on my NaNoWriMo WIP.  But in the words of my home-improving, uber-optimistic Guitar Man, “I think we might have turned the corner.” With that inspiration, I’m fired up to get back on track and get my remaining 43,716 words out.

So thank you, my dozen corneas of followers,  for being my writing exercise warm-up this evening, and have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Friday Night. Let the Great Tub Spin! Let the Words Tumble Out!

  1. Have you gotten to the part of Goon Squad yet where it’s formatted like a Power Point presentation? I thought I was going to skim over that – it looks like some kind of post-modern parlor trick – and then I got through it and I was VIBRATING over how awesomely good this book was getting. The ending is perfect, just custom-made perfect, in the sense that she invented a brand-new technique, as far as I can tell, to tell the story she needed to put across (of course Egan has said she was influenced by Proust, and I’ve never read any, so maybe Marcel invented it.)

    1. Oh man… why’d you have to tell me that. 😉
      I’ve never been the type to read ahead, but now you’ve got me all excited.

      And it helps to see some of these alternate techniques as I struggle along in my NaNo project. Sorta along the same lines, Chuck Klosterman had some interesting chapters in Downtown Owl showing each character’s thoughts about the other, but each inner monologue was linked neatly to the next in a way that made me laugh and gasp.

      1. Just started listening to the Goon Squad audio book (thanks for the recommendation) and am bummed I’m going to miss the Power Point presentation.

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