I Like Chicken Sandwiches And I’m Not That Easily Confused

It may be a slow news day, but as a champion of the underdog this story just strikes me as bizarre.  I like both intellectual property law and chicken sandwiches as much as the next person so I’m scratching my head over the behavior of Chick-Fil-A.  Seems the down-home chain has sent a cease and desist letter to one Bo Muller-Moore, of Montpelier, VT.  Mr. Muller-Moore has been making tee shirts with the slogan “Eat More Kale” since 2000, and the Chick-Fil-A folks seem to think that this is causing confusion to the chicken sandwich eating public and diluting the effectiveness of their intellectual property.  Really?

So, in a public service effort below are 2 pictures to help any of you who are not getting your 5-a-day servings of leafy green vegetables tell the difference between kale and a Chick-Fil-A sandwich:

Chick-Fil-A Sandwich. Also Delicious, but Nothing Like Kale
Bowl of Delicious Kale

7 thoughts on “I Like Chicken Sandwiches And I’m Not That Easily Confused

  1. What is it about that phrase that is upsetting them? I don’t eat at Chick-Fil-A (I couldn’t even tell you where there is one around here) so I don’t know what their beef is (yes, pun intended and yes I went there 😉 )

    1. I know…. I don’t even think there is a C-f-A in the state of VT. Apparently the our fast food friends use the phrase “Eat mor chikin”…. presumably a bovine spelling. How anybody would confuse that with the homo sapiens spelling of “Eat More Kale” is beyond me.

  2. Oddly enough, Rosie, 2 of your all-time best posts involve details about Chik-Fil-A – this one, and one about family road trips, in which Guitar Man had dental work, got a a little woozy, and kept helping you navigate by pointing out that there was a Chik Fil A just off exit 40 (am I recalling the details correctly?)

  3. no, it’s an amazing story. But getting back to the original topic, the lawyer in me argues that since you’ve established that Kale and a Chik-Fil-A sandwich look nothing alike, C-F-A seems to be claiming proprietary rights over the words “Eat More,” and that’s just nonsense. In fact, I think that was the first sentence I ever uttered, long before Chik was sellling Fil-A’s. And Dickens said something awfully similar, an awfully long time ago, IIRC.

  4. Whew! Thanks for clearing that up. The pictures really helped. I’ve always confused the two – much like “awhile” and “a while”. Got a visual for that one?

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