I Hereby Don’t Resolve

I don’t believe in making resolutions for the New Year. The way I see it, if your really want to make a change in your life, what’s stopping you?  Nothing magical about January 1 versus August 14.   No denying that it is hard work to put change into practice in the real world when we actually have to be around other people either.  They don’t always cooperate with our intentions to be nice(er), or more thoughtful, or to make good choices every day.

But I am a Queen of Benchmarking so I took a look at my last 30 posts and came to a couple of conclusions about this little endeavor:

1.  I learned recently (from a blog) that white type on a black ground is 2 things:  (1) sign of the newbie blogger and (2) painful on readers’ eyes over the long-term.   My posts are not particularly long, which is a good thing as I hope to modestly imply they are neither my life’s work nor yours.  But there are so many neat (and free) templates in WordPress that maybe I’ll experiment a bit with the presentation.  I also realize that some of you “Take a Nap” on a tablet or via an email subscription so you may have no clue what I’m talking about.  Weigh in if you are so inclined (or not).

2.  In general, Sunday is the biggest day to “Take a Nap First ” with the highest number of views.   Thank you dear readers for making this blog part of your weekend ritual, especially during football season.

3.  In a totally subjective breakdown of the posts:

  • 8 fall into the realm of “Domesticity” — mostly about laundry or new appliances.  Two of these posts were tied for the most comments with 9 apiece:  “Laundry Room Taj Mahal” and “Congratulations, It’s a Behemoth.”
  • 7  posts I would consider to be “Rants in General”  — a blogger’s prerogative
  • 5 posts deal with Writing or Books
  • 3 are about Death, or rather, “Obits of Interest”
  • 3 are about Fashion, after a fashion

So if I were to pigeon-hole myself I’d say I was overly interested in Death, What I Wore,  how best to write about it and how to keep it clean.

Again, thanks for stopping by, and have a spectacular holiday doing whatever it is that brings you peace and joy.


5 thoughts on “I Hereby Don’t Resolve

  1. Interesting breakdown of your posts. I’ve never analyzed mine to look for patterns, and frankly at this point there are far too many of them for me to make the attempt.

    As far as changing blog themes, I change mine more often that some people take out the trash. I can’t even tell you how many different themes I’ve been through over the years. And redesign. I’m constantly redecorating the blog with a new theme, new colors, new graphics (for a time it was nearly a daily ritual for me. Oh the power!!)

    1. yeah, I think it’s just a newbie thing, but I like random stats. I’m not a really big tagger but maybe I should try putting some effort into that, too. So much to learn!

  2. I was mulling over your blog the other day, and decided that if I had to give it a theme I’d go with Family, Fashion & Food – and that was without even counting specific posts, so I guess I came pretty close. Re: the white on black, I’ve had issues with that before on other sites, but you always had a nice clear BIG ENOUGH typeface here so it never bothered me.

    Thank you, Rosie and DD both, for giving me a place to hang out these last few months while I’ve been slacking on my own blog. Maybe I’ll take a look at the different themes, just to inspire me to start posting again in 2012 – but I’m not going to make it a resolution b/c as Rosie sez, I can resolve to do a good blog post on any day of any year, and mean it more sincerely. If nothing else, I’ll do an Oscar pool for anybody who wants one.

    1. Ooooh…. The MJB Oscar pool is the highlight of my year! At the very least it gets me caught up on the Entertainment Weekly and E! network. At most, I try to see all the Best Picture nominees so I can talk movies in any environment.

  3. FWIW (probably not much), i have no problem with the white on black at all. it did take me a while to realize that the “falling snow” wasnt an aggressive over attack of my “floaters”.

    happy holidays to you (although there is a pretty good chance i will get to wish you happy new year directly, lol).

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