Party Prep Begins!

Yipee!  We are the host family for the New Year’s Eve bash this year and that means a couple of great things are happening right now:

1.  It is the trifecta of shopping trips as the G-man quests for meats…. including something my family likes to call the “hidden meat.”  This is the surprise entree meat that was NOT on the official, planned menu.  So it is always a surprise to me when I open the ‘fridge and find a leg of something marinating or my spouse man-handling it with dry-rub spices in preparation for smoking.

2.  Since I’m in charge of the set-up this is when I discover we have 1000+ plastic forks, but only 100 spoons.  How does this happen?

3.  We walk the plank!  Since the dining table only seats 6 comfortably we cheat and set a huge wooden slab on top of it and VOILA!  We now get 14 seats for people who like to sit really close to one other. Eating off of your neighbors’ plate is strongly encouraged.

4.  The serfs children are home and they clean the house.

5.  We eat almost every meal out for the next 24 hours because both the kitchen and the dining room are full of prep:  bags of snacks/ booze/ servicing pieces I only use once a year/other crap that will be put away into places I will never recall until March.  (see earlier post about the G-man’s infamous scale)

6.  I make a vat of mac & cheese with all full-fat ingredients.  Consider this fair warning, cholesterol-watchers!

7.  Encore presentation of the GBC!

Happy New Year One And All!


3 thoughts on “Party Prep Begins!

  1. Sounds fabulous. As you said, “Yipee, you are the host family for the New Year’s Eve bash this year!” Can’t wait to ring in the new year with you!

  2. as owrp commented….look forward to seeing you later today! is this the THIRTY-FOURTH straight hen new years???!!!

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