May I Have A Word With You?

This holiday break I have become addicted to Words with Friends, thanks to my elder child.  It appears she doesn’t have enough to do in med school since she had trounced me in EVERY game we’ve played to date.  The wordsmithing skills  of the young Jedi have overtaken this Yoda-Mom, but I am not giving up.

In other news, the house has almost achieved full rotation back to normal after the revelry of the New Year.  Warmest thanks to this blog’s fan, “owrp”, who took up the gauntlet and scrubbed 2 greasy free-standing oven pans.  One of these  roasters was the cooking vessel for Miss Hidden Meat 2011:  a Pepsi-Cola throwback (made with 100% cane sugar) slow-roasted pork butt!   Yum!

The tablecloths are washed and folded, the plank is stashed back in the garage and the last of the mac&cheese casseroles is browning in the oven for dinner tonight, and I can’t help but feel warmed by the love of family and friends.  Here’s to 2012:  may all our wildest dreams come true.


2 thoughts on “May I Have A Word With You?

  1. The dishes are the very least I can do to help out. Thanks to you and the G-Man for your fabulous hospitality. The hidden meat (and all the other meats and sides and breakfast items) were absolutely wonderful. Here’s hoping 2012 holds only terrific things for the rosie49 family!!

    1. I’ll just point out that not only did you wash the biggest pots, you did it the morning AFTER! As far as I’m concerned you are a superhero.

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