Part Mind, Part Monkey

Oy vey, I’ve had the worst case of “monkey mind” today.  You know, the Buddhist term for being too easily distracted by random shiny things.  Days like today make me grateful that I have a day job to pay the bills, because both my mind and body are all over the place.  Yes, some of my activities have to do with maintaining civilized life around the homestead, but the other stuff…. well, here’s a short list in no particular order:

1.  Playing 2 games of Words with Friends — one with spouse in the same house and other with elder Jedi-child (who is STILL whipping my butt, BTW!!)

2.  Ironing a bunch of random clothing that I need to put back into the rotation. Sewing on a button.

3.  Calling my own mother.  Sounds like their neighbor needs to have his gall bladder out, so my Dad is walking their dog(?)   I know, it sounds confusing so I just listen.

4.  Watching the Twitter-verse.

5.  Reading the Sunday papers.  The good news is we dropped the NY Post so there are now only 2 Sunday papers.  The bad news is we replaced it with that other fine Murdoch publication:  The Wall Street Journal.  Even though the Journal doesn’t publish on Sunday they have a souped-up Saturday edition that has a big glossy magazine section…. cue the inner monkey mind.  The reason we dropped the Post was that they jacked the subscription price from $52/year to $200+!!!!  I mean, it’s cheap fun and all delivered to your doorstep, but not THAT much fun.  Funny, once we cancelled, the Journal made us the offer we couldn’t refuse.

6.  Watching the end of Serendipity, while folding laundry.  Don’t judge:  it was that or golf.

7.  Finished The Girl Who Played With Fire.  Excellent!  Reading Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure by Matthew Algeo on the Kindle (in between the 2 WWF games).

8.  Meditating on the future of JCPenney.  Anybody catch those new commercials where people are screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” to all the promotions and sales?  Their new CEO, Ron Johnson, came from Apple and he’s got some new and fresh ideas to shake up this old-timer of retailing.  I’m intrigued and wish him a lot of luck because when I walk by the Apple store I see a lot of help in there, but when I go into JCP I’m lucky to find somebody just to ring me up.

So now it’s almost time to get something going for dinner…. and that’s the weekend.

Wha’ happened? 


6 thoughts on “Part Mind, Part Monkey

    1. Sometimes I can use music to bring me into focus, but it doesn’t always work. Then I just “go with the flow” and enjoy the mania. 🙂

  1. My problem is I focus just fine on the music, and wind up ignoring everything else. The headphones are good, however, if Fang’s watching something distracting or annoying on TV and I don’t want to cloister myself too far away.

  2. If you need something more ‘white-noise-ish’ to drown out the game while grading papers or something, I bought a great CD of waves sounds. No gulls screeching in the background, no ‘mood music’, just waves on the beach. This is it at Amazon. Works great when I need to drown out all the chatter and phone convos at work and concentrate on something.

    1. You know, we recently moved offices to a more open floor plan and I’ve been hearing some waaaayyyyyy interesting stuff that I can’t believe people would talk about at their desks. Especially in this age of cell phones, why wouldn’t you just make the call from the privacy of your car rather than talk about your plans for a surrogate pregnancy in the earshot of strangers?

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