The Super Bowl of Madison Avenue

Regardless of how you feel about the outcome of the Super Bowl (or even if you care), last night was a great night to observe American culture at its best (or worst).  The Super Bowl is its own little stimulus plan for us to get over the hump until Presidents’ Day (and the Oscars) in February.  It is a day to delight in the creativity of Madison Avenue. I’m not going to embed any video of these ads, in part because of copyright, but also because I’m not shilling for any of these products.  Also, this is just my opinion, and you-all are entitled to yours as well.  So here goes:

  • What is GoDaddy trying to tell me about their product?  To this day I still have no clue, but I’m sure I don’t need it.
  • Some of the lines from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  have become part of my family’s daily lexicon, but I thought this Honda spot was just trying too hard to get all of them in.  And frankly, Ferris isn’t the funniest character in the movie….Mr. Rooney is.
  • I can’t include any spot with the NBC logo embedded in it because they totally abuse their “host station” position… really, just SMASH me already!!   But Betty White can do no wrong as “The Voice.”  Yes, she is so much more than a hot body.
  • Speaking of hot bodies, David Beckham, shot in B&W in his new tighty-whities for H&M.   In the words of Dr. Jedi, always the scientist, “Now, that’s somebody who should be sharing as much of his DNA as possible.”
  • Volkswagen scores again with Bolt the dog and his plan to get back out the doggie door.  I’m certain all dogs hear James Brown in their heads when they aren’t thinking about bacon.  And then Darth Vader shows up again in another VW spot.
  • Why does Ms. Brown M&M have such a ‘tude?  Shouldn’t she have been modeled after Hillary Clinton or Sonia Sotomayor?   Those are M&M’s you could take seriously.

And I was suitability impressed with the age-appropriate half-time show featuring Madonna.  I found out her duds were Givenchy Couture (thanks,  Tom&Lorenzo) and she kept those Golem arms and gnarly hands covered.    The songs were mostly old chestnuts but her folks know how to work a venue for maximum effect.  I like that Niki Minaj with her crazy eyes; she looked like like she was having a good time, but MIA, would it kill you to smile a little?

I know, everybody’s a critic.


6 thoughts on “The Super Bowl of Madison Avenue

  1. Didn’t watch, so I didn’t see any of the commercials. And I have to say, I do not understand the appeal of David Beckham. If I passed him on the street I’d keep walking. I heard about his undies though, and found the vid on good ol’ YouTube. He looks old.

  2. DD’s just a little cranky b/c “Grimm” was pre-empted 😉

    IMO, the funniest character in FB’s Day Off is the creepy guy in the police stationh who asks Ferris’s sister “Is that your purse? That’s a nice purse.” I liked the Elton John @ Versaille Pepsi ad, and I’m always glad to see the Coca Cola Polar Bears but I must admit, Madonna doesn’t do it for me – never has (did you see the Twitter comment last ight: “somewhere out there, Lady GaGa is thinking ‘ok, game on, Grandma!’ ” )

  3. Hahaha 🙂 Seriously, I was barely aware this was the SB weekend. Actually it was Once Upon a Time that got stiffed last night, Grimm is Friday 😉

    I think I saw the GaGa comment RT’d at some point. Madonna has never been my thing either, but I say good on her for still performing. No one’s telling the Rolling Stones or Steven Tyler to give it up.

      1. I think of Madonna as one of the last of a generation of pop stars who had longevity… in part b/c she managed her life with stagecraft in mind. I’m not sure the Big M would like to be called a “pop star,” but w/o her there would not be a Lady Gaga. I say kudos to both… they captured the attention of the public at large, and as a student of popular culture myself I have to give credit where it’s due.

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