Bad Oscar Haiku

In honor of Oscar today’s post is an invitation to my elite followers to join me in composing your cheesiest (or best) haiku featuring some aspect of the Academy Awards, including the red carpet parade, the media hype or anything else you can link to this spectacle. Remember, it’s 5/7/5 syllables in 3 stanzas. Here we go:

Red carpet harpies.
Are those her REAL boobs?
They say what we think.
Tuxedo Junction.
But only George Clooney
Can pull it off best.
My mate is annoyed.
He has no interest.
And no “Shameless” on.
All self-promotion
Celebs on Twitter now.
Keeps them from eating?
Fantasy of mine:
My kid gets the nom: screenwriting.
Takes me as her date.

10 thoughts on “Bad Oscar Haiku

  1. LOL those are great!

    Three pairs of Spanx on
    She’s still bursting at the seams
    Can she fit in seat?

    Pretty dress in blue
    Someone hates it anyway
    They like to be mean

    This could be addictive 🙂

    1. Thanks for jumping into the pool, DD! IMHO as a pop culture~vulture the Oscars provide so much more creative fodder than the Super Bowl, not to over-analyze it. 🙂

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