Hiding In Plain Sight

My friends, can you answer “yes” to any of these questions? 

Drainboard full? 

Magazines piled up in random stacks?

Industrial sized poly wrapped package of Costco paper towels serving as a coffee table?

We have very few rules at the Casa d’ Nap, and we do like to keep it clean.  However, there are times when some article has been lingering so long out of its proper place that it has gained a sort of squatters’ rights.  Like that pack of paper towels we picked up at Costco 3 weeks ago.  They have settled on the family room floor awaiting final disposition in the various bathroom and kitchen cabinets.  But they have been stationary for so long now, that I like putting my Sunday papers on them, or the bowls that have to get nestled in a stack at the back of the closet, or even resting my feet on them as I catch up on Words With Friends.

And yes, it is I, the person who does not cook, who has stacks of Bon Appetit and other food porn dated from June 2011 accumulating in a stack on a dining room chair.  This is the one behavior that makes me think I am a latent hoarder.  Or am I just channeling the spirit of my MIL who loved to read recipes from any source?  Loyal Napsters may recall a previous post where I reference my “hoarding chair.”  Yes, the chair is alive and well, covered with an assortment of casual handbags…. because the weekend is right around the corner and I’ll need that denim tote/Triple5 Soul Body bag/Camo backpack.

I had a friend back in high school who was trained to NEVER, EVER leave anything in the sink…..or the drainboard, for that matter.  At Chez Nap there is almost always some bizarre collection of drain board items that tell a little story about its inhabitants.  Many tiny plastic Ikea cups lined along the edge?  Quick drinks of water — to take aspirin or a vitamin as s/he dashes off.  The little fry pan and the burned handle spatula?  Maybe the Jedi or Jenna are home and making grilled cheese.

A few other random out of place things I’ve found as I made my rounds today….seriously, these items have been in these locations long enough to grow dust beards.  It’s like I’m in The Sixth Sense.Why can’t anybody else in the household see them?

1.  A single drumstick:  to play drums, not the poultry part

2. Two boxes of “Donut Shop” Kuerig coffee cups:  one decaf/one regular

3. Random coats hung over the backs of dining room chairs.

It isn’t as though I expect my house to look like it was staged by the creative department of House Beautiful, people do LIVE within these walls, and they are messy.  Life itself is messy… and beautiful in its random way.  Call it chaos theory or wabi-sabi if you want; I’ll just call it home.

UPDATE:  After uploading this post I made one more swing though the house and *noticed* a very nice Tupperware cake plate that a family of New Year’s Eve guests left behind with their delicious homemade spice cake.  And you know I can’t put it away in MY cabinet cuz I’ll need to give it back to them when we meet up next…..which will probably be next New Year’s Eve.  So it’s part of the decor now. 


5 thoughts on “Hiding In Plain Sight

  1. IMO, hanging a coat over the back of a chair qualifies as hanging it up (it’s not on the floor, right?) and as long as the items on the drainboard are clean and not hazardous materials, life is good. I’m not crazy about dishes in the sink, but I really freak if they are there when anybody’s mother comes over – and I mean ANYBODY’s mother, not just mine or my m-in-law: if Rosie or DD , women who have given life, are coming over, the sink better be clean; if ANYBODY is coming over, the bathroom needs to be clean enough to perfom surgery there and there will be absolutely no evidence that the cat has been shedding, eating, or pooping anywhere except in the designated areas. Beyond that, a little clutter never killed anybody. Certain standards must be observed, but they are, Rosie, at your house AND mine, and when we depart this worldy stage, I don’t want our tombstones to read “she did a lot of housework.”

  2. Nobody has a perfect house, except on tv or in the movies. It’s against the gods and nature. I quit stressing about housework a long time ago. When you work full-time, there is no way to do it all. You should see the state of my dresser. Periodically I go around and move piles, but rarely does anything definitive come of it all.

    1. OMG my dresser is just like that! There are so many earring backs and pay stubs and stuffed animals and cologne bottles and odd little snips and bits, you can’t even see the dust

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