Good Omens

Today is feeling like a pretty good day.  Maybe it’s the natural order order of things post-Friday the 13th, but a couple of things I’d consider to be good omens have occurred:

1. I replaced my toothbrush on the same day as I opened a new tube of toothpaste.  I don’t know about you, but those last few pitiful squeezes you execute with the old tube are so challenging.  And there’s usually a collar of dried toothpaste with some lint up at the top that keeps that last dollop from plopping out into your brush.  You know, when you stop actively squeezing and the paste drops back into the tube?   You know it happens to all of us who don’t like to waste anything. But, Ahhhh!  The feeling of a new toothbrush is just the best!

2. The post-Easter clearance rack at Wegmans means half-price Peeps!!!  So I got me a pack of green ones.  I love these colorful and extra-sweet marshmallow chickees!  More so to look at than eat actually. Because I have to brush the sticky, sucrose-created bio-film off my teeth soon after eating them.

3. The weather is super nice out today and this weekend leads up to my favorite day on the township sanitation calendar: BULK PICK-UP DAY!!! Where you can leave ANYTHING on the curb and it will be whisked away!  As much as a dame like me loves a trip to the town dump, I like it much better when I only have to haul my garbage to the curb.  So the G-man will be dismantling an old treadmill in between sneezing fits and garage-purging.  Me?  I’ll be inside catching up on Words With Friends and old issues of Rolling Stone.

Oh, and this is my 51st post!  Thank you, my elite army of Nappers for hanging around!

An Army for Good!

9 thoughts on “Good Omens

  1. any blog post that twice references dental health, must be a good one.

    enjoy the gor-gee-ose weather (almost jamaica-like…. where’s my ting?)

    1. I feel pretty lucky our town does this 2x/year. And, like I said, you can always take a ride to our friendly dump. The have convenient hours and it adds a frisson of excitement since it’s down by the waterfront. We usually hum the theme from The Sopranos when we head over there.

  2. I willpowered my way out of the peeps but the half-price carton of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs and the Cadbury cream eggs were screaming to me! Now I’m thinking I must go back for the decorative peeps.

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