No, this is not a post in pidgin Dutch or papiamento.  The title of this post is in honor of a horse.  A filly set to run her first race this Sunday, and she’s got quite a story of her own.  Bill Finley’s article in the New York Times is an amazing tale.  Notinrwildestdremz was one of 177 horses abandoned by a prominent owner/breeder who left the animals neglected and starved until their rescue in 2009.

If you’ve been hanging around here for your weekly blog “Nap” you may have noticed my bias towards the scrappy and the underestimated, and this filly  is my hero.  She’s a fierce competitor with a ‘tude.   As the illustrious “Dr. Phil” sez, “You’ve got to rise above your raisin’.”  And I’d say there is nothing more boot-strappy than a horse with a big heart and the spirit to take on the “big boys.”   Especially if they are judging her by the way she looks, you know what I mean?  What goes though this horse’s mind?  That if she survived starvation, what CAN’T she do?  I can take inspiration from a horse.  In fact, she shamed me into cobbling together this little post after eating a big, delicious burrito.

There is another great story within this story.  I believe folks like the Kerrs and the other 5R partners are on to something even bigger — drawing in folks who love horses and the sport enough to make an effort to clean it up and provide some stewardship.  Now that’s a word I just don’t hear often enough, but it implies that we have an obligation to think of the future as something tangible.   And that’s another theme I keep circling around in all sorts of venues.  You know, when you look around and realize the forests and beaches have been here for generations, and we are obligated to keep them healthy to awe and inspire future generations.

So, dream on and may all your wildest dremz come true, my human and equine friends.


3 thoughts on “Notinrwildestdremz

  1. DD’s minions in that mission will be every animal we’ve ever known and loved, even though it was a pain in the ass – the vomiting cats, farting dogs, the loveable but poorly housebroken of every species, the droolers, the wheezers, the ones who wreck your clothes, ruin your favorite sh!t and make you late for work. DD will gallop in astride the immortal Notinrwildestdremz, eternally big and grand and glossy, well-fed and well-loved in the next world, unleashing those yelping yowling howling troops to torture miserable souls like the Paragallos, and then head home for an evening of ear-scratching and fond belly rubs from friendly demons.

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