Isn’t That Cute? A Bracelet With a Little Clock On It

I think this is a generational thing, but find somebody who can tell you the time by looking at his/her wrist.   I’ve made the observation that youths don’t wear watches to tell time and elders don’t need to know the stinkin’ time anymore. Actually, the younger folks I know do wear watches as jewelry — or with so many doo-dad features on them you’d think they were preparing for either deep space or deep-sea diving.  They use their phones to tell time.  My friends who are either close to or in retirement don’t feel compelled to conform to any temporal timelines.  Most figured they earned the right to call their time their own and rise and set with their own circadian rhythms.

Me?  I have a couple of watches, but since the advent of the watch battery I find that all of them need to go to the either the jeweler to have the battery replaced or I have to coax G-man (in this case let’s call him Geppetto- Man) into breaking out his tools and magnifying glass to replace them.  Of course, each watch takes a different size battery so tack on search and acquire time to the exercise.  So I think it was about a year ago that I gave up wearing a watch full-time.   I’m not retired, but I’ve noticed the time is everywhere…. on my car dashboard, on my computer in either the top or bottom right corners, on my old-lady cell-phone, on every kitchen appliance.   I haven’t missed an appointment or shown up late either.  Which isn’t to say that I don’t admire timepieces as either ornamental or functional, but I do chuckle a little at the advertising for them.  Seems celebrity (particularly athlete) endorsement is still the preferred pitch for high-end watches, yet I doubt my purchase of this fine timepiece will improve my serve or shave a few nano-seconds off my “personal best.”

I’m not advocating we return to the days of the sun-dial…. or heaven-forbid those funky digital clocks that flipped the numbers (immortalized in the movie Groundhog Day), but time is a man-made concept.  The world continues to spin and sun rises and sets whether we mark it or not.  Enjoy your bracelets with little clocks on them — or not, but do remember to carve out some time for the people and activities you love.  Because it is true we can’t make any more.


13 thoughts on “Isn’t That Cute? A Bracelet With a Little Clock On It

  1. i must admit i seldom (bordering on never) wear a time revealing device on my wrist anymore. perhaps, occasionally at growed up events, but even then only sporadically.

    if you havent heard the story a million times, ask the sasstafarian about his college alarm clock with the numbers that flipped.

    1. Jajaja! I do remember the sastafarian and his numbers…. it was awful to have to reset that thing. RIP along with VHS tapes and grandpa Walkman.

  2. I love watches – cheap ones, fancy ones, classic or trendy; menz, womenz, cute little kids’ watches with flowers & turtles on the bands, glow-in-the-dark faces, watches you wear on a pendant around your neck. Recently I bought a pair of earrings made from old watch faces – no longer functional, tho still charming. BUT there’s a big diff between having a watch, and having the time. I buy watches b/c I don’t know how to make ’em, but when my loved ones need me I do my best to make time for them.

    1. I must say, dear Bunny, you do have the most eclectic collection of watches… for as long as I can remember you had the coolest faces.

      1. I think that’s why I like the latest incarnation of the Ipod – it comes, not only with a strap like a wristwatch, but w/18 different watch faces! Only thing it, if you leave the watch function on it drains the charge after a couple of hours.

  3. p.s. on a trip to Paris 16 years ago, one of my proudest moments was when a woman asked me, in French, if I knew what time it was, and I understood her well enough to point at my watch. If I’d pointed at my cel phone, that would have been a little weird – she might have thought I was flirting or something, like “call me” …

  4. I still like watches, although anymore they are more jewelry than functional gadget. I can do ya one better: remember Discmans? LOL Watch people walking around carrying them flat like a waiter serving the music.

    1. LOL! I do… they were a little contrived looking for commuters. We preferred something you could manhandle a bit more. But I remember listening to WNEW-FM when they would announce with great flourish when they played a compact disc rather than a record….so quaint now. But we could talk about how turntables and vinyl records are the newest hipster accessories now.

  5. I still have a turntable that I bought in 1980! 🙂 Doesn’t really work with the rest of my stereo components now, but I still have all my old lps. Funny how everything old is new again.

    1. I can vouch for it – Like yourself, Fang & I have our old turntables but it’s nuisance/waste of space hooking them up to our other components. This little guy is barely any bigger than my purse (don’t laugh; Rosie’s is just as big!) and you can tote it anywhere in the house, or bring it over a friend’s house for a slumber party!

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