It’s Mother’s Day. Bring Out the Port O Potties!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, but I will not be deviating from my usual Sunday routine….. unless the establishment where we have Tex-Mex brunch between 11 AM and noon is overrun by mothers.  As you might imagine, last weekend Cinco De Mayo fell on a Saturday so this local joint was well-prepared for the cerveza swilling hordes and set up a cluster of port-o-potties in the parking lot.  They were still standing last Sunday when we arrived for our usual guac-fest.  I asked our lovely server if she worked the previous day, and her eyes grew wide as she told us, ” You wouldn’t have believed how many people were here!  And so many fights.”

So the G-Man and I could not help but hope that tomorrow we will beat the Tex-Mex Mother’s Day lunch crowd, but there WILL be Mother’s Day port-o-potties in anticipation of all the families coming to celebrate their maters with margaritas and fajitas.

So to all the Napsters out there who are mothers or are honoring mothers in your life:  Have a beautiful day.   But no fighting over the warm tortilla chips  or I’ll be sending you out into the parking lot over by the port-o-potties.


3 thoughts on “It’s Mother’s Day. Bring Out the Port O Potties!

  1. Enjoy your brunch! Hopefully fisticuffs will not be on the program. Happy Mother’s Day!

    P.S. Do they ever call those things “Honey Buckets” back there, or is that strictly a West Coast term? I’d never heard it before I moved here.

    1. I have never heard that term before this very comment. Might lead into a more scat-themed post at a later date — “Regional Terms for Portable Toilets, or Name That Seat?”

      1. Oddly enough, I had a unique porta-potty moment this weekend also (never heard them called anything but portapotties or portajohns on this coast. Oh, and there’s a name brand for some, sold as Johnny on the Spot. ) I took my own mom to Lancaster County PA, to visit her firstborn, and we visited an old-fashioned Amish Mud Sale, which is a cross between a flea market, a fund-raising auction, and a great excuse to eat delicious PA-Dutch style food. At one point I had to test drive one of their potties, and it was the nicest, most spotless such utility I’ve ever encountered. I swear it was like they got brand-new ones just for the occasion, no doubt out of respect for all the moms – Amish and “English” – in attendance.

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