Keep Calm and Pin On

I’ve been interested lately in Pinterest.  You know, the aspirational site where you can make “boards” of the stuff that interests you.  Some have called it a kind of pink collar ghetto.  I liken it to those teen-girl collages we used to make on our cave bedroom walls back in the Stoned Age of the 1970’s.  Some of you elite followers remember the Love’s Blue Jeans/Baby Soft decals we used to stick on our mirrors along with memorable quotes.  My reason for visiting Pinterest was to try to broaden my tech horizons with something more visual.   Little did I know it was a vast collection of Food and Design porn that could send me down the rabbit hole for hours.

But it is becoming my guilty pleasure, and another way to keep my finger on the pulse of popular culture.  One of my boards is about memes…. I did enjoy the whole “Texts From Hilary”  phenomenon a while back, and I’ve always subscribed to the “Keep Calm and Carry On”  stiff-upper-lip, greatest generation British philosophy.  But there may be some choppy waters ahead for Pinterest:  is it legal to “pin” other folks’ work without copyright/attribution?  Yes, each pin does have its original source credited and linked, but with over 11M users you can extrapolate how many times an image is viewed or used. The biggest reason I’m not on Facebook is the thorny issue of FB owning my content so this issue does lurk in the back of my mind while I troll the pictures of cinnamon buns and dream libraries.  For now there is no advertising on Pinterest, but I anticipate investors will start to push for ways to monetize all the traffic and publicity over the site soon enough.  … in the meme-time, I shall go forth and pin.


5 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Pin On

  1. I’m sorta clueless re: Pinterest, but I take your recs very seriously, Rosie. Next time we get together 4 coffee, can u guide me down the rabbit hole for a few minutes?

    p.s. – on antoher note, have u seen the aerticle in this month’s Atlantic re: women, family, and careers? Nothin we don’t know, and it skews a little unneccessailry toward the supereducated, super-successful elite, but she sez a lot that needed to be said. Please put in on yr list for a future discussion – if you can’t find it online, I’ll send you a paper copy via snailmail.

    1. Of course! 🙂

      I’ve been following the hullabaloo over the Atlantic piece in the Times this week. Ya know it keeps coming back to the same old tired chestnut…. nobody ever asks a man, “Just how do YOU manage that tricky work/family balance?” Having responsibilities outside of your professional life aren’t just limited to kids and aren’t exclusive to women anymore. Yet this continues to be considered a “women’s issue.”

  2. I’m a bit addicted to Pinterest right now, but I have no idea if it has any value at all to me. It is so much like Stumbleupon, I don’t know what it exists at all. But it is a great way to share common interests and it saves me time hunting down the sites I see. The copyright thing will probably need to be sorted out.

    1. I’m a really S…L…O…W adopter of new technology, but a DIY friend of mine showed me her boards and that got me into it. My daughter (who is on the cusp of turning 20) tells me her friends use it to pin up wedding ideas…not that any of them are close to actual weddings, but i can see the allure.

  3. The only time I go to Pinterest is if someone on Twitter puts up a link that sounds interesting. I haven’t been bitten by the bug to join that particular fray yet, and likely will not. Twitter’s enough of a time-suck (when I even have time for that anymore).

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