Wheat Germ Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Facebook

I almost flipped my vacuum-packed lid when I read that Kretschmer Wheat Germ is planning a social media campaign to re-introduce its delicious product to a new generation.  Agreed:  I don’t want to see this tasty pantry staple go the way of The Edsel or Ship N ‘Shore blouses, because I love it in my yogurt and on my cereal.   But I remember my earthy paternal grandmother introducing it to me in home-bake breads eaten at her well-worn kitchen table.  PR gurus feel it is a challenge to re-introduce a “classic brand.”  Aside from the fact that we only have so many earthy, home-baking grandmothers to go around, the old-skool print media campaigns with dense copy blocks describing features & benefits won’t work in these days of sound-bite media.  Yeah, I have to agree:  “Remarkable food helps people over 40 enjoy vibrant living” is not a compelling tag line.  How about:  “Wheat Germ:  It Never Left.”  or “Wheat Germ: Glass Jar Keeps It Fresh After the Zombie Apocalypse.”

Facebook’s timeline format is perfect for a heritage brand — if you like scrolling back to 1936.  If we’re talking about getting the youth vote I’m inclined to think their attention spans are not THAT long.   You might as well tell them to ask Nana and Pop-Pop to tell you about their experiences with fiber back in the old days.  No ~ my suggestion to the wheat germ publicity people is to cut right to the toasty heart of their product:

  1. It tastes great, and is a food made out of food with no additives.
  2. It comes in a real glass jar that you can recycle into an impromptu vase or use it to hold vanilla beans or old nuts and bolts ~ when it’s finally empty because each jar contains 26 servings .  (WHAT AN ECO-FRIENDLY VALUE!)
  3. When you go to the supermarket it is always in the same convenient location next to the oatmeal.
  4. There are only 2 kinds:  Original Toasted (Red lid) and Honey Crunch (Blue lid) and the lid colors have no political affiliation.

This post has made me  a tad peckish:  Ima gonna mix up some Greek yogurt with some toasted wheat germy goodness.  Join me?


4 thoughts on “Wheat Germ Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Facebook

  1. I still buy the stuff too! You know what else it’s good on? Making your own chicken coating, mix it in with the bread crumbs &/or flour. Put it in the turkey stuffing, pancakes, waffles, etc.

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