The (tabloid) Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

I’m in love with Reader’s Digest, and I’m saying it out loud and proud.  Despite the pages and pages of pharmaceutical ads I find there is more variety in each month’s offering than some of the other mainstream magazines out there.  Yes, I still read Rolling Stone and I love good fashion editorial as much as the next aspirational fashionista, but when I need a little break from my daily routine that doesn’t require too much effort on my part, I can count on RD for a dose of humor, pithy quotes culled from celebs and regular folks alike, or an arresting story with an inspiring ending.  RD has come a long way from the days of “I Am Joe’s Prostate,” and I applaud how well they squeeze a boatload of content into a pocket sized tab.  And when you’re done reading there is nothing more satisfying than free-cycling it in a public spot so somebody else can enjoy the topical “Life in These United States or the “50 Secrets Surgeons Won’t Tell You.”  Bonus:  they still have a little vocab quiz in every issue, because you are never to old to brush up on words.    Well-played RD.   


7 thoughts on “The (tabloid) Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

  1. Everyone’s entitled to a little low-budget entertainment. You know about my lifelong love affair w/the New York Daily News, which ran a headline today re: the cop arrested before he could follow thru on his plot to kidnap, kill and cannibalize 100 women: “COOK ‘EM, DANNO”

    1. You could almost qualify that as a “work” for The Actor. Truth be told, Somethings I think “Entertainment Weekly” (or, The EW, as we call it around the casa) is a little too full of itself.

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