This Blog Isn’t Going To Write Its Damn Self!

I admit it, we have officially passed lazy season at CanITakeANapFirst, and moved right to NappingIsAllYouDoAnymore.  True:  I’ve been going to work everyday and doing some haus frau chores (but even those have been picked up by the  original Nappy, Jenna, home for winter break), but then I get distracted by the Twitter feed or a Words With Friends game.  And that’s another distraction:  my itinerant children whom I enjoy more than I ever could have dreamed.  Those of you who have raised up humans may nod here, in recognition of the fact that you may not recognize the transformation of the laconic, slack-jawed teen into a young adult who got his/her act together without any nagging/interference from a parent.  HUZZAH to us all!

Which brings me back to the folder of blog fodder and the nagging feeling of “Just Do It.”

So here’s the word of the day:  “laolaiqiao.”  It is a Chinese word that can be paraphrased rather inelegantly in English as, “mutton dressed up as lamb.” (don’t you just love how Chinese words can be whole phrases?)  But in this case it means “old people doing young things that even young people wouldn’t do.”  I found it in the Wall Street Journal in their coverage of a young female clothing entrepreneur who uses her beguiling grandfather as a model for her on-line boutique.  He’s very thin so the clothes look great on him, and it seems he has found a second career as his own stylist.  Sales are up!  See China’s New “It” Girl here.

So if a 72-year-old Chinese man can get his act together to model for his granddaughter’s business, the least I can do it put some real clothes on and fiddle out 298 words before I lie back down on the couch.


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