The Balm Upon My Palm

photograph of logo and can

This is a shameless plug for a hero product necessary to anybody with either hands or udders.  Truth be told, this is not the post I’ve been fiddling around with for the last two weeks.  Rather, I was inspired on the fly as I was scrubbing the down the shower with my unique spray mix of Oxy-Clean  and hot water.  As you might imagine, shower scrubbing does a number on your digits.  (yes, yes, I should wear the rubber gloves, but since I was running the shower while I was scrubbing, it seemed counter-intuitive to be wet everywhere EXCEPT my paws)  I just kept thinking, “My hands!  They will be so chapped and rough!”  Then I remembered my soothing friend in the green tin, and I felt better (The shiny shower tiles also contributed to my sense of well-being). I use this stuff after gardening, cleaning, all year-round, and heartily recommend it to anybody who works with their hands.   Please remember the skin on our hands is thin and needs protection all day.  Like teeth, our hands need to be productive for an entire lifetime.  So give them a teat, treat!

I could not do a better job highlighting the features and benefits of Bag Balm than the charming, no-nonsense website of the Bag Balm folks so I’ll link it here for you to amble over at your leisure.


6 thoughts on “The Balm Upon My Palm

    1. Why yes, it does — and I think you can also put honey on your cut & scrapes too. It has antiseptic properties as well.

    1. Please do… it is available in your local drugstore as well as feed supply stores. I wish I could give you a little sample schmear...

  1. thanks for the “plug” for good oral hygiene!!! btw, has anyone considered brushing their teeth with this balm, lol????

    1. Hmmmmmm…. that might be akin to rubbing Vaseline on your teeth. Shiny, but maybe not in the way dentists intend.

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