In Praise of the Second Banana

I am an unabashed fan of “The Daily Show,” hosted by Jersey boy and satirist par excellence, Jon Stewart.  Jon took a summer sabbatical to work on a film, but left the keys to the anchor chair in the very capable hands, tush and comedic mind vise of John Oliver.  On September 3, Poppa Jon returns to his post, so it just feels fitting to take a small moment to congratulate Mr. Oliver (and the Emmy-award winning staff of “The Daily Show”) for keeping the place running, nay, shining, while the host was on hiatus.

If you missed any of the summer of Oliver episodes you can toggle over to The Daily Show here.

But let us also take a moment to celebrate the contributions of other famous “second bananas.” Can you imagine Johnny Carson without Ed McMahon?    Would you still love Lucy Ricardo without Ethel Mertz?  Think about your own family?  How many of us have parents or siblings who frequently play “straight man” to the antics of spouse or sibs?  Wouldn’t life be boring without them?

Welcome back,  Jon.  And John, thank you for giving me a compelling reason to stay up past my bedtime all summer.  Oh wait, Colbert was still on after you….


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