Happy Birthday Toddler Blog!

Today Can I Take A Nap First?  is officially entering the “terrible twos” as the Jewish calendar moves into 5774.    So let’s celebrate by asking “why?” incessantly and leaving a cerebral mess behind.

In blog terms I’m taking this pivotal year to keep changing it up, to play with short fiction, maybe even add some photos (a challenge for me – I’m more into the words, but visual expression is important today as well).

And it also means a hearty thanks to you, my elite followers, for taking a look and leaving your most elegant comments.  You encourage me to go bigger and bolder in my clumsy attempts of creativity.

A little exercise if you’re in the mood:  do you have a favorite post?   I’ll re-post mine in the next week or so, but I could be swayed….

L’shana tovah!  


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Toddler Blog!

  1. mazel tov on your anniversary and happy new year to you and the entire clan.

    i am so bad at “favorite” things. dont even know my favorite song, food or television show. i am going to be switzerland and just say that i very much look forward to receiving each “new blog post….” email announcement!!!

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