This is New Jersey!

This is New Jersey!

I’m both a late bloomer and a late adopter. I just recently migrated from my old-lady flip phone to an iPhone, and I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I like the thing. But the most compelling feature of the iPhone is the ability to take pictures like this.  This is the road view of a farm where you can pick your own wildflowers/apples/raspberries up in Warren County.

Please enjoy this little slice of heaven as we move into a new week.


6 thoughts on “This is New Jersey!

    1. I was in no hurry to move to the “smarter” phone — but I was being left out of fun group texts among the family Nappers so when it came time to “upgrade” I made the switch. But the camera’s photo quality surprised me the most.

  1. Oooh, beautiful picture. I love flowers. I like my Android phone and the pictures are good but not as good as that. I think my phone has many more capabilities than I have discovered. I’m really trying to keep up but it’s not easy!

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