Respect Your “Largers”

BTW — as promised, this is my favorite post. A blast from the recent past but kind of timely if you note the date of Dr. Andres passing.

Can I Take A Nap First?

Dr. Reubin Andres passed away September 23, 2012 at age 89.  What makes Dr. Andres special to me is his controversial theory that as we age we should both expect and plan to get heavier. Now, he didn’t say to let yourself go; he said that some additional adipose in our aged bodies would give them extra reserves to fight off disease and injury.   For too long we’ve been focused on all the stuff we lose as we get older:  hair, hearing, sight, mind, telomeres. So take heart in the thought of gaining something (besides the elusive Wisdom).

Here’s my favorite quote from Dr. Andres in a 1985 interview with the New York Times:  ” For some reason the idea had grabbed us that the best weight throughout the life span is that of a 20-year-old.”

Maybe the diet industry thinks this is their hook:  the idea that we…

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