Forget the Keys to the Kingdom. Can I Have the Car Keys, Please?

Can I Take A Nap First?

In honor of the activist Saudi women who took to the roads of their country this weekend in protest I repeat this post from September, 2011: 

Saudi women this week were granted the right to vote and to run for office, but unfortunately they can’t go to the polls (or presumably their elected office) without a male guardian/close male relative to drive them.  On the heels of this progressive  edict, two days later a Saudi court sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for violating religious rules prohibiting women in the kingdom from driving.  At least two more were expected to stand trial in the coming months.   Just to be clear — any woman is prohibited from driving in Saudi Arabia — even license-holding women visiting from another country.  I know this sounds crazy to us because we see driving as a fundamental part of our independence.  (It is one…

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