Mighty, Mighty Marty

Marty Before He Was Grandpa
Marty Before He Was Grandpa

November 17 is Marty’s birthday.  He would have been ninety-eight years old this year, and I think about him almost every day.  He was a one-in-a-million kind of man.  Some facts about my late, great father-in-law.

  • He was a swinging bachelor who hung around Greenwich Village impressing the ladies with his mad skill of tying maraschino cherry stems into knots in his mouth.
  • He was an incredible dancer, and could make anybody look good on the dance floor.  I knew this first-hand.
  • He was color blind but that didn’t stop him from dressing himself with aplomb.  It also made it a lot of fun to play Uno with him.
  • He once grew so many eggplants he took them to work at City Hall and hung them from trees to watch folks’ reactions.
  • He would call his adult sons “Sonny Boy.”
  • He took the hit many times for his grandchildren so they would not get in trouble with their grandmother.
  • His sense of humor was legendary ~ and he was never afraid to laugh hardest at himself.
  • Most days he ate 3 breakfasts and he drank coffee until bedtime.
  • He was like an ant:  he could lift boxes 3 times his body weight.
  • He read a book a day and all librarians loved him.  Just like us.

We miss you Mart.  May your memory always be a blessing.


7 thoughts on “Mighty, Mighty Marty

    1. Thanks, DD. He was a gem. I’m sad there were no pictures of the eggplants hanging off the trees in NYC. That would have been something to see.

  1. brilliantly written (not a surprise given your skills and authenticity of your feelings). we will also always have great memories of “dadvin”, and WOW, does he look a lot like halvin in that photo.

  2. What a lively, fun and brilliantly captured tribute! I especially liked remembering the multiple breakfasts he ate; I recall that corn flakes was the appetizer or the “starter” followed by everything else!

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