Curl Up for the Olympics

I love the sport of curling, and it makes me sad that it only gets big air play during the winter Olympics.  I made a little list of the compelling reasons to watch:   

1.  It’s a game of precision, accuracy and strategy.  Like its summery cousins bocce and shuffleboard you have to adjust your play to your opponent’s last move.  Unlike the style of the summer games my Nap compadres play, Olympic curlers (traditionally) are not holding beers in their free hands during competition. 

2.  You don’t have to be younger than 25 to be a contender.   In this sport wisdom and experience are more valuable than speed or physical stamina. Which is really just a nicer way of stating my favorite old proverb, “Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.”

3.  It’s a game of exceptional sportsmanship.   There is no heckling of the opposing team and conceding is considered good form.  “Broomstacking”  after the match – where the winners buys the first round – is a wonderful custom.

4.  It was invented by the Scots as a nice game to play outside in the cold weather.   What 16th century mother wouldn’t like a sport that gets her entire clan outside and out of her hair for a few hours of peace and quiet?

5.  I like any team sport where you need special shoes and matching pants that don’t require cutting weight.  Check out the snappy Norwegian Men’s Team and their sartorial offering below.  Quite snappy. 

Image from The Guardian
Image from The Guardian

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