Boooooooooo The Winter

Boooooooooo  The Winter

We’re waiting for you, Spring, and our patience is wearing quite thin.   Do not even suggest that more snow is coming next week.  We have had enough.  Our bodies are pale and scaly.  I’m afraid to even look at my feet after they’ve been entombed in wool socks and boots all winter.  I want to go outside and sit with my friends on the deck.  Wearing flip flops.   


9 thoughts on “Boooooooooo The Winter

    1. I was just reminding a co-worker that we better not complain come summer. But for now it’s impossibly hard to imagine that now. Thanks for swinging by!

  1. I’d like to say “spring is coming.” I like to say that. Whether it is or not in your neck of the woods, I have no idea. My daffodils are sporting flower buds already and the tulips are up asserting themselves as well so it’s coming here. However, that said, we had a late snowfall here on March 22, 2012 so who knows if we’re out of the woods here yet?

    1. The current temp is over 40 but it is snowing, again…. (((((sigh)))))
      I’ve noticed even the evergreens are a rusty color (just like my soul at this point). However, I take some consolation that the storms now are usually sandwiched between relative heat waves so the Earth starts to wake up. I think of these almost like snooze alarms — Mother Nature just isn’t ready to get up, into the shower and put her make-up on yet.

    1. Such a responsible student — I hope he gets to enjoy another beer in sunny FL then with no guilt. Wish we could all join him.

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