Grit and Gastroliths

We’re into the second week of the A-To-Z Challenge and the novelty of posting every day is wearing off.  To keep up the momentum I need to get gritty.  So I turned to Merriam-Webster for a little inspiration, and the dictionary gave me four definitions with number 4 as my money shot:
1:  sand, gravel b :  a hard sharp granule (as of sand); also :  material (as many abrasives) composed of such granules
2:  any of several sandstones
3:  the structure of a stone that adapts it to grinding
4:  firmness of mind or spirit :  unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger
And some great synonyms:
intestinal fortitude:  My favorite as you’ll soon see….
pluck, and

Grit is also a new buzzword in Education.  Seems kids who have the tenacity to stick with challenging assignments are “gritty,”  and this quality is a better predictor of future success than standardized tests.   Gee, sounds to me like the old chestnut, “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

Then I found a great new word, gastrolith.  A gastrolith is a gizzard stone found in the digestive track of some birds that helps break down hard foods to assist in their digestion.  After time the gastroliths are polished smooth by the their work and are either excreted or regurgitated.  In some ways this blog is like a grastrolith — allowing the writer to polish and refine these words until they are smooth and easy for the reader to digest.  Yummmmmmm!


6 thoughts on “Grit and Gastroliths

    1. It’s been fun. But then again letters are pretty open prompts and the posts are small. And my work life is not very stimulating right now so I’ve had the juice to stay engaged. Yet my goal is to make daily writing a habit. The bonus has been meeting a lot of other interesting bloggers. Thanks for the hat tip. 🙂

  1. I agree a blog is lot ljke a gastrolith something that we polish until it gets smooth enough that we dare to offer it up to the world . enjoying your blog
    Sandra (aust) a to z er @ ‘life without television”

    1. Thanks, Mars. It has been rather fun to come up with (and learn) something new everyday. Glad you found “the Nap.”

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