“H” was the first letter I ever wrote.  I was four, and it was the first letter I even recognized as being a letter.   It looks like a goal post — or a person holding up both arms in victory.  Or it could be that the crossbar is a hula hoop.  See, “H” is all about fun.  Even in lower case, “h,” looks like a chair.  You can turn them into a bunch of chairs, to compose an audience ….. “h,h,h,h,h,h — gather ’round”    It feels like we’re getting ready to put on a show ~ a HULLABALOO!

Technically, hullabaloo is defined as a ” very noisy and confused situation.”  I imagine a lot of people milling about, and nobody in any hurry to impose any order on the crowd — anarchy, really.  But my prejudice towards the happy, hapless letter “H” makes me love the “Hullabaloo.”

I was too young to remember the hip, youth-quake of NBC- TV, Hullabaloo (January 1965 — August 1966).  However, I was a huge fan of the hullabaloo that eventually replaced it — The Monkees.  I was also too young to realize that The Monkees was really a contrived, scripted sit-com with wild set decoration.  To a discerning five-year-old, it was just amazing that four grown hippie-esque men could live alone in a house with that dangerous spiral staircase without a mom to impose any order.

Yep, the 1960’s were the hallucinogenic age of television.





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