I am a huge fan of the library.  In one of my past lives  if I were traveling solo on a business trip, I’d try to find a community library to visit during my downtime.  It made me feel more “at home” than eating room service in my hotel room.  My parents fanned the flames of my library -love by taking me to the children’s room at our local library when I was just learning to read.   The first book I ever checked out on my own library card was about the friendship between a pig and a little girl. (I guess it was a precursor to Charlotte’s Web?)   And I remember feeling quite grown up when I “graduated”  to the stacks.

To this day I can easily get lost for hours in our town library.  The library is more than just a book repository.  It’s a welcoming port in a storm — when Super Storm Sandy hit and some communities lost power for over a week, the libraries were one of the places you could go to get warm and charge your phone.  Checking in with your neighbors is as much a part of library life as checking out books.

And in addition to “big” community libraries there is the grass-roots, “little” library movement.  Check out these pop-up libraries at Little Free Libraries.   Paper and ink books are still important — not just to the individual reader, but to the community at large.  And I can’t think of a better way to make and strengthen connections than debates and discussions over characters and stories.

So please support your library — be it big or small.  Visit often and bring a friend with you.  I’ll meet you there.





3 thoughts on “Libraries

  1. wonderful post, Rosie! We take our kids to our local library every Friday. They love it and actually get very sad if we can’t go for some reason.

    This past friday they had a book sale there.

    The kids took their birthday/christmas money and cleaned up!

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