Carry On For Podiatry!

Here’s a topic close to my sole. Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study of diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle.  Yes, a podiatrist is a “real” doctor — look for the initials D.P.M.  (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine).   In the US newly minted podiatrists continue their training with hospital residencies, including surgery, too.  These docs may specialize in feet, but they see a wide variety of patients:  diabetics who are at risk for wounds that won’t heal, folks with skin disorders, circulatory problems, infections and trauma.  Did you know it’s a good thing to have hair on your feet?  It shows you have good circulation. Very important.

Here’s another thing to look forward to as we age — losing our heel fat.  Those cushioning fat pads on the bottom of our feet thin out from all the pavement pounding we do (in high heels, mostly).  Seems this is a special kind of fat.  You can’t just take the fat from your tush and inject it into your heel.   But the podiatrist or pharmaceutical genius who can replicate this heel fat will be rolling in the dough… it’s that elusive and desirable.

Podiatrists and dentists have something in common.  Their fortunate patients take their feet and mouths for granted — until they hurt.  Because if your feet or teeth hurt, you can’t walk and you can’t eat. And when that happens you are truly miserable.

So please do not take your tootsies for granted.  Keep them clean and dry.  Do not use sharp objects or power tools on your feet (nail clippers are OK).   If you are diabetic, find a podiatrist and check in with him/her periodically to keep your feet healthy.  Because even though you have two feet, you’d really miss one if you lost it. (note:  all these points apply to teeth as well) 


7 thoughts on “Carry On For Podiatry!

    1. Thanks, Chris. This has been a really fun challenge, but I daresay that for a magpie like myself, 200-300 word pieces are right up my alley. If anything it had highlighted that sustained word-smithing is real work. Gratifying in the final result, but a slog sometimes. I admire the fortitude of all writers.

  1. Just visited the foot doctor yesterday. To add to my long list of medical issues I now have Plantar Fibromatosis, which is rare and usually found in men…go figure…lol This is tumors (non-cancerous for the most part) that grow on the bottom of your feet. I only have one so far on my right foot. I had a cortisone shot in hopes it will shrink it….I’m in more pain now than when I went in…lol So before this comment becomes a post on its own just wanted to thank you for making people aware of the importance of taking care of your feet! Great post!

    1. Oh no — sorry to hear of your plantar fibromatosis, and hope the worst of it is behind you soon. Thank you for carrying on for podiatry in an all-too-real way.

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