Rutgers Day is April 26, 2014

True confession time:  my original plan for the letter “R” was NOT Rutgers Day, but I had a stroke of genius when I woke up from my first nap of the day on Saturday and said, “Stop the presses!  It’s the perfect time to talk about New Jersey.”  The timing could not be better, because if you don’t have any plans this Saturday, April 26, you might want to swing by and check it out.  Rutgers is our state university, and although I’m not an alum I am a huge fan and booster of education in general.   Here’s the link if you want to see the official event. (or just Google Rutgers Day 2014)

A few tips:

1.  If you have kids go early — the shebang starts at 10 AM and there is free parking if you start at Cook campus (Bristol Myers Squibb is usually a good neighbor. They open their lots for parking), but you have to schlep.  If you are traveling with  small children (or cranky adults with short legs), bring the stroller or a wagon.

2.  Your four-legged family members are welcome provided they are on leash and happy socializing.   You’ll get the chance to see cows, pigs and sheep being shown by animal husbandry students.  Yep — right off Route 1, smack in the middle of New Jersey!

3.  You will also find a wagon handy if you want to shop the plant sale.   You can get your tomato seedlings or some nice annuals, but they do sell out (another advantage to visiting early).  Many of the student-run clubs and organizations will have fund-raising events and products on-hand.  I try to find the Toxicology Club  to check out their newest tee-shirt offering.  You’ll also come across used book sales, too…. oh, and come hungry because….

4.  On Douglass Campus you’ll find the Folk-Fest, food trucks and artisans/craftspeople…… no surprise this is where I spend the bulk of my time with good friends who like to eat and don’t mind sharing.  Remember to pick up a bag of fresh, warm kettle corn on your way out.  See if it makes it home, I dare you.

5.  The day runs until 4 PM — and it’s HUGE!  I never make it past Cook/Douglass myself, but there are shuttle buses to the other campus venues.  Great people and animal watching.  I can’t think of a better way to welcome spring.





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