What prompted the expression, “She’s full of piss and vinegar?”    Hear tell that the vinegar part really meant vitality and energy so the expression is positively exuberant (if slightly vulgar.  Perhaps I’d prefer the term “earthy?”) Like it’s grainy hipster cousin, wheat germ, vinegar is good for you.  Many a cold home remedy consists of vinegar to cut through phlegm.  And its acidity is welcome in many recipes — marinades and dressing, especially.    This blog’s esteemed friend, Bunny, has been a booster of vinegar in her home-made cleaning products.  It makes chrome shine and whitens whites on laundry day.  Don’t believe us?  Here’s the link to VinegarTips.com

And a wee bit of public service haiku —

Vinegar, my jug.

Industrial sized value

Cleans up all messes. 





2 thoughts on “Vinegar

  1. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. and i will, most definitely, include vinegar in the salad dressing that we are bringing for dinner.

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