Fat & Happy

The problem with being fat & happy is that it’s a distraction in itself. I’ve spent the last month and a half doing the following:

  1. Picking apples … and eating apples.
  2. Reading newspapers.
  3. Ignoring TV news (the newspapers picked up this slack) — it was election season and I can no longer take the negative ads and political acrimony any more.  People:  can’t we act like forward-thinking adults and find some common ground?
  4. Watching The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver as my primary sources for political commentary.  These jesters and their astute writers are driving in-depth conversation around national issues.
  5. Reading books.
  6. Working on a home improvement project.
  7. Going to the gym, sporadically.
  8. Cooking, also sporadically.
  9. Scribbling stuff down to eventually turn it into a productive blog post.

This last list item is just a weak plea to my weak self to get some word count in every day.  It’s NaNoWriMo month, and I’m sitting on the sidelines watching the parade pass by.  That isn’t altogether a bad thing.  I cheer the novelists who are in the throes of word passion.  I admire their grit and fortitude, because if writing a novel was so easy, we all would be publishing books every December.

Which brings me to my friend and inspiration, D.D. Syrdal.  I’ve known D.D. for a goodly amount of time, and she inspired me to take the plunge into the blogosphere.   Her work, Revenants Abroad, has recently been published!  Find it for sale on smashwords (a real bargain, if you ask me) and serialized on wattpad.  It gives me great pleasure to tell all of CanITakeANap’s elite followers about this labor of literary love.   Again, she inspires me with her dedication to many hours of BIC (butt in chair), and the leap of faith it entails to send her story out into the Universe to stretch its legs and find a home in readers’ imaginations.

Kudos, my friend!  D.D., well done!


4 thoughts on “Fat & Happy

    1. I’m finding that the less TV in my life, the better I feel. Which isn’t to say there isn’t good programming and good writing for television, but it’s like junk food now. It fills up the airwaves, but it’s just not satisfying.

  1. well at least you get to the scribbling down stage – I hang around more in the cloudosphere of my head – sometimes with great imaginative attention to the planning of a story I’ll never write . like you I also watch the parade of wordsmiths pass by and I do salute them … but then it is time for a nannie nap …

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