Short Fiction

The A-to-Z Challenge — #Hoboken

“Are we going out tonight?  #Hoboken”

“Yeah, but I can’t meet you until 10 #BossOnMyAss

“‘K.  but I can’t stay out that late.  I have Cross-Fit at 5:30 #shoreshare”

“S’riously?  I thought you were doing that cleanse  #colonmiracleslim”

“Nah, I couldn’t get past the 3rd day.  I ate a bag of Cheetos watching #Portlandia”

“How do you watch that?  I don’t get it.  #ambiguous”

“I started watching it with my mom.  I felt bad that we don’t do anything together anymore. #Idontthinkshegetsiteither”

“Now I feel guilty.  Gonna call my mom now. #badkid”

“Hey, why don’t you just come over after work and we’ll bake cookies for our moms? #chocochip”

“Like, from scratch? #yourovenworks?”

“LOL, yeah — you can lick the bowl.  #bringwine”

“Even better, i’ll come right from work if I can borrow a pair of sweat pants.  #elasticwaist”

“You might have to take them out of the hamper.  I’m behind on laundry.  #Girlsnight is better than bars.”

“Whoa — I wouldn’t go that far, but if you bring a pizza it will.  #sausage&peppers”


10 thoughts on “The A-to-Z Challenge — #Hoboken

  1. I would feel very old listening to a conversation like this, lol. Mainly because I can’t imagine people actually saying hashtag out loud… then again, I haven’t been in America for five years!

  2. Rosie — love this! And you weren’t kidding in your comment on my blog about napping and procrastination!! And, coincidence — my next novel is set in Hoboken. Could we be related somehow??

    1. LOL. I am always very serious about napping. I don’t hail from Hoboken, but it is a very cool place. l look forward to your new work.

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