Short Fiction

The A-to-Z Challenge — The Real Vampires of New Jersey

They had been living together for long time now.  Nobody paid them any mind. They kept to themselves, but went to work every day.  Actually they went to work every night, and they chose the most undesirable shifts.  The upside was that their nocturnal co-working mortals were so less curious than the day workers.

They lived off the grid in a cob house on the border of Vincentown. They drove old Audis retrofitted to run on moonshine bio-diesel, and they liked to play their vinyl records backwards.   The neighborhood hoodlum kids thought they were cool.

Folks thought they were related in some way, but they weren’t.  It’s just that when you spend a lot of time together, say 300 years, you start to resemble each other and share the same mannerisms.

Would it really be a surprise that the New Jersey vampires of 2075 were radical environmentalists?  They had a vested interest in keeping the Earth inhabited by all the creatures along the food chain. Between the rising sea levels and the fracking, the northeast was getting hotter, drier and hazier.  Vampires are on the same evolutionary track as mortals, and they much prefer constancy in their environment.   Enough dicking around with the politics and profiteers of the environmental industry — the only thing that was going to save the planet was radicalism of the vampiric kind.

Zerra and Gimletta were putting the final touches on the desalinization still when   Hectorus and Phullmund came up from their day’s rest.

“I heard there’s a private convoy of miners being smuggled through the woods to work the coal mines tonight,” Zerra said.  She was plugged into shadowy network of the black marketeers who trafficked in the banned fossil fuels.  The plan was to follow the convoy, secure the location of the mine and seal it off before the miners could get inside. It was a small scale operation, but until more of their kind could find their way to New Jersey they had to operate under the old grass-roots motto:  “Think globally.  Act locally.”

More vampires would come.  They had banded together in crises before but never in numbers as large as now. Despite the grim tasks ahead of them they were a bit excited to catch up with old friends and share tales of how the world was a vast, lush and colorful place.  Where scent had meaning and blood was rich.


6 thoughts on “The A-to-Z Challenge — The Real Vampires of New Jersey

  1. cool story – you could do so much with this concept.. don’t know if you’ve seen the movie What we do in the Shadows? its a similar concept – ancient vampires living in suburbia in New Zealand. its very funny, if you haven’t seen it 🙂

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