Short Fiction

The A-to-Z Challenge — Pie At The Zeitgeist Diner

“Pour you another cup?,” the zaftig waitress inquired.  The coffee made a circular slosh in the round belly of the service pot as she waited for his reply.

He just wanted to slow down.  Why did everything have to be done with such immediacy. And right on cue his phone buzzed again and he took it up off the counter.

“Hey, doll. Let me warm it up for you.” The waitress poured and sauntered off in her own sloshy way down the counter.  Mario was beginning to think that his Dad was right about this job.  That whole “work from anywhere” schtick meant he should also “work at any time.”  Mario thought the old man was out of touch for pitching an office job in a cubicle farm, but maybe there was some benefit to it. It was another text from his boss out on the road. And not even an important text — just a random thought he had over beers with a prospect. Like Mario was just some sort of human note pad.

Mario put the phone in his pocket and looked down the counter. Sitting at the curve about six stools away was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen. She had a cup of coffee and a huge slice of lemon meringue pie in front of her — untouched — as she wrote with intent in a black, old-school composition notebook. She used a yellow Ticonderoga no.2 pencil and Mario thought he had gone back in time.

The girl had no interest in anything around her as she wrote — she was lost in her own world. A world she was in the midst of creating. Mario was both jealous and curious. He had been to this diner many times but this was the first time he had ever seen her. And then he noticed: she didn’t seem to have a phone, at least not in front of her.

Now he was even more intrigued and used the action of stirring his coffee to make some distracting noise, but she didn’t even look up. He checked to make sure she wasn’t wearing any ear buds and noticed she had tucked her long honey hair behind a perfect pearly ear.

She stopped writing and looked upon her pie with wonder — as if it she had magically willed it there, and Mario saw his chance to make contact. “The pie’s really excellent here,” he said nodding.

She held up her fork, gave him a big smile and said, “You only live once.”


13 thoughts on “The A-to-Z Challenge — Pie At The Zeitgeist Diner

  1. That was the fastest comment ever —- I was racing to get this last one in. Thanks for cheering me on this month. 🙂

  2. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge – where I am part of Arlee’s A to Z Ambassador Team.
    Welcome to “Z-day”! (Time to watch the iZombie television series?)
    Hope to see you at the after party. I’m looking forward to when the Reflections Linky List opens on Monday, May 4th.
    I’ve followed your listed social media.
    Intriguing story.
    -J @JLenniDorner

    1. Hey, J! Thanks so much for being an A2Z minion and swinging by to check out The Nap. The month has been a real blast.

  3. a good close to your project. very much enjoyed taking the journey with you. much easier reading one a day than writing them, lol. thanks!!!

  4. Congrats on getting to the end of the challenge! I bet it was hard to write a short fiction every day! Now I want pie…

    1. Like naps, it’s always a good time for pie. 😜. Thanks, Alex — I’m glad we met. Congrats to you, too. Your pictures are amazing.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the month flew by with creative juices spilling out all over the Internets. Congrats to you, too.

  5. well done
    now you can have a nap
    great and perfect storytelling
    images strong and clear and quirky
    writing half of it a mentor told me once – you write half and allow the reader to do the other half. this you excell at
    very enjoyable month with you

    1. LOL with hearty thanks, my friend from the other side of the world. I’m grateful to have met you thru A2Z 2014 and that you still swing by with encouragement and wit. 😍

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