The A-to-Z Challenge — That’s A Wrap!


A very hearty “thank you” to all the elite followers and A-to-Z Challenge visitors who stopped by to visit Can I Take A Nap First?  this month.  As last year, I met some great new bloggers, too.  What an amazing, creative bunch!

I had a terrific time this month and learned that creative work can be sustained daily.  It may be little-by-little, but I found inspiration in new outlets and more importantly, found ways to keep my butt in the chair to write. I started cobbling my posts together back in January (including a horrible night when all my drafts from A to F were lost with an errant key stroke) and started scheduling them a week ahead of time. Something went wonky in WordPress though and a few post titles that tweeted out did not match the published post ~ an old WIP title would appear so a few of you got a little surprise if you came to the site via the Twitterverse.

As usual, when you have a day job it is hard to maintain your timely posts, keep up with the encouraging comments and go out visiting the 1000+ A2Z listed blogs. I learned that the sweet spot for my reading eyes was between 300 -500 words. So if you were a poet I really dug your stuff.  And it made me focus my flash on the 500 word ceiling, too.  I also need to pay attention to those blog category tags.   I wandered over to some “AC” sites and, well, let’s just say that maybe you can teach an old dog a new trick or two.   Let’s not forget the minions who took on the task of visiting and monitoring all those links for the month.  I don’t know when they slept.

Some stats:
* Can I Take A Nap First? had exactly 600 views in April which was a 25% increase over the month LY.
* The most active day was April 25 which was the letter “V” and included vampires. That’s just a “fun fact.”
* 504 views came from the USA but Australia (22 views) and Japan (20 views) made an impression.
* I was intrigued by the various search terms that showed up:
“take a nap incorrect grammar” scared me a little bit, but I liked “piss and vinegar gene” and “haikus about taking a nap”

So we turn the calendar to a new month, and I just may keep flash fiction as the focus going forward.  Who knows where it will lead us?


7 thoughts on “The A-to-Z Challenge — That’s A Wrap!

  1. Hello, I’m visiting from A-Z. I have just found you with your reflection post. How frustrating to have lost those drafts.
    I just read a couple of your A-Z posts. I’m from NJ too and they were very relatable. I liked your post about the guys standing around the grill talking directions. I’m exit 67a myself.
    I’ll be back to read the rest. Good stuff.
    Congrats on completing the challenge!
    Even though I have a word press account, I use Blogger.

    1. Another “Jersey Girl!” A pleasure to meet you, LyndaGrace. It’s never too late to take a “Nap” ~ we are open 24/7 for your reading pleasure. Glad I linked up the for the “wrap.” This was the second year I participated in A2Z and I enjoyed it even more than LY. I’ll be swinging by your blog, too. 🙂

  2. Those search terms are hilarious. XD I had one odd one too… what was it… *checks* … awww, it’s gone now. It was really weird, though. 😛

    In any case, congrats on completing the challenge! Yay!

    1. Hi Mary,
      So sorry for the tardy reply — seems you were sent to SPAM jail. Forgive me and congrats to you, too. See you on the flip side. 🙂

  3. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! And I’m with you on those AC blogs. My personal preference was/is not to visit such ones, but as I journey around the linky, some of them are not noted, which immediately sends me scuttering away when I do inadvertently stumble across these ones. I actually got to visit your blog during the crazy month of April. I’m popping over again today from the Road Trip/Reflections linky.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

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