Keepin’ It Glassy

Corning Museum of Glass

We took a road trip last week to a family wedding, but along the way we paid a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass (which is in Corning, NY).  What an amazing place.  Truth be told, our four hour visit wasn’t nearly long enough to go back in time to see all the  glass from the past 3,500 years.

When you buy your admission to the museum you can also sign up to Make Your Own Glass, and I cajoled the spouse into “sand-blasting.”  Now before you jump to conclusions, sand-blasting  a very docile project.  The Museum has a whole building of studio space for hands-on work and the staff on-site has infinite patience.   For our project each participant selects a clear drinking glass or bowl to embellish with stickers or free-form shapes made with masking tape.  After “stickering” your glass you get to sand blast it yourself.  You shove your hands into these industrial gloves that look like the robot arms from Lost in Space, grab your project in the sand-blasting hood and then shoot sand with a high-pressure hose all over your project.  The result is your vessel will be opaque except where the stickers covered the clear parts.  An example below….

I "branded" my glass for my exclusive use.
I “branded” my glass for my exclusive use.

If that wasn’t enough of a “blast,” we took a walk over to the Rakow Research Center to check out  “America’s Favorite Dish:  Celebrating a Century of Pyrex.”  Here’s the link to Pyrex Potluck.  Take your own nostalgic stroll through its kitschy designs and marketing campaigns.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get an better we went to the exhibition hall to walk though the 35 Centuries of Glass which includes an amazing study gallery.  It made me see glass in a whole new light.  We closed with the Contemporary Art and Design Gallery where I took this shot of Still Life With Two Plums by Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick.  Talk about your big fruit.

Still Life With 2 Plums
Still Life With Two Plums

3 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Glassy

    1. It’s about 2 – 2.5 hours away. But I’d say it’s worth a visit. They run a shuttle from the Glass Museum to the Rockwell Museum of Art and downtown as well. I’d go back and make a full day of it.

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