Breakfast Business

One of the top business news stories today is McDonald’s goes national with breakfast available all day.  Personally, I’ve always been an advocate of breakfast all day and can only wonder why it took them so long.

And then I remembered:  McD’s didn’t have to offer breakfast after 10:30 A.M. because they made enough money selling the other stuff.  The company claims that “they heard” and responded to the public’s request to expand the pancake and McMuffin offering after hours, but those requests go back as far as 2007.   I have a stronger feeling that the real reason for the push to open the breakfast window has more to do with the -9% drop in profits last year (CNN).

I love a big diner omelet and hash browns for lunch and consider pancakes a viable dinner choice.   Breakfast takes away the agony of dinner decision-making at the end of a rough day.  It’s a comforting meal at home or out.  So I have no beef with Mc’D’s leaving the breakfast menu up all day, but please don’t make it sound like you’re doing it for “us.”  You may have invented marketing, but you didn’t invent breakfast for dinner.


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