Born in 1955 Yet Forever Young, Green, and Crispy

I was milling about with my old pal nostalgia and found this Thanksgiving post from 2011. Thought I’d turkey trot her around the blog one more time. Have a wonderful holiday!

Can I Take A Nap First?

Today give thanks to Dorcas Reilly, the intrepid team leader who toiled in obscurity in the Campbell Soup Company test kitchen.  Although she very modestly denies it, she is given the credit for developing the iconic recipe for Green Bean Casserole, known in our home by its acronym, GBC.  (We like all our iconic side dishes to sound like something recently discovered by the CDC.  It lends a frisson of excitement to dinner at our house that our guests have come to expect.) I’ve discovered that the rabid lovers of GBC are not to be trifled with.  They need their annual fix of the creamy/crispy soup & fried onion combo, and they will throw their own mothers to the wolves to get it!  I should have learned my lesson last year when we had a GBC accident.   You see, we always make 2 casseroles and accidentally left one in…

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3 thoughts on “Born in 1955 Yet Forever Young, Green, and Crispy

  1. What a sad story about the GBC! But a little funny, because I can relate. One year at Christmas, my sister was taking the GBC out of the oven, her hand slipped, and the pan dumped over onto the floor. It was an honest mistake, I saw her do it, but I like to tease her that she did it on purpose because she hates GBC haha. My mom and I were sad, everyone else just thought it was funny.

    1. Seems that GBC inspires passion on both sides. …..and yet your story makes me think of that scene in “A Christmas Story” where the Mom was “just watering my plant…. and I broke your lamp.” Accident, you say? Hmmmmmmmm

      1. Hahaha, yes GBC can make or break the holiday in some households. If I hadn’t watched my sister drop the casserole, I wouldn’t have believed it was an accident 🙂

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