Short Fiction

Her Old Tee Shirt

Old ShirtHe toppled them out of the closet, a heap of old tee shirts from 5K races, college events and concerts from their collective past.  This one had caused an argument because she used it for work.  She argued that Bruce sang about working men and women.  She wore it to paint the family room, a bathroom or two and some old deck furniture.  He thought concert tee shirts should be kept pristine, folded and preserved.  Some day they might be worth something.  It was a fond memory of a good night from their past and now it was decorated with parts of her real life, too.  Colors from the spaces and things she made new with just her imagination and a coat of paint.

He stuffed all the other shirts into a black garbage bag like old rags, but he kept this one. Despite the paint splatters it was soft and smelled a little metallic ~  just as she did.



4 thoughts on “Her Old Tee Shirt

    1. Hehehe! Can you imagine buying vintage t-shirts for hundreds of $$? Our t-shirt collections tell interesting life stories about places we’ve been and stuff we’ve done (and forgotten?).

  1. Awesome! So glad to see you write again, Rosie! And definitely not surprised to see your sense of story telling just as razor sharp. I like the idea behind this…and I recently had a “Cleaning out” session with my old t-shirts. I can report that there were not many that made it into the garbage bag! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Eric! I agree with you. I keep some “vintage” tees even though I’ll never wear them, but they do bring back memories.

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