Batting Clean-Up


So the kids came through on my subtle hint and had Santa Bezos deliver a copy of “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” this weekend.  It’s a charming little tome about getting clear (and clean) in your life so loved-ones won’t have to spend all their energy cleaning up after you when you leave this plane.  My father, the inscrutable Boris, always talks about leaving the Earth “debt-free,”  and I take that to mean he’s not going to leave much to clean up either.   Thanks in advance, Pops.

So I got (gently) pumped to start my death cleaning.  (BTW — you don’t have to be imminently facing mortality to start cleaning.  Although I’m in good health, you never know when that proverbial bus is going to come out of nowhere.)  And one of the first things I found was from a previous death-cleaning of my beloved mother-in-law’s house.  In the photo for this post I used it to cheerfully shroud my book.  Anybody care to venture a guess as to the purpose of this pink zippered mesh sack?

I’ll give you three choices:

A.  Shower caddy to contain all those multi-colored shower poufs.

B.  Make-up shroud to keep your “face” intact when you need to pull a garment on over your head.

C.  A cover to keep the dust off your beloved Hummel figurines.  … that you collect and curate with a sort of maniacal zeal thinking they will be worth enough to finance your grandchildren’s college tuition.

Thanks Mom.


7 thoughts on “Batting Clean-Up

  1. Honestly, if I start my death-cleaning now, I might be done in 20 years provided I don’t buy anything else between now and then. I’m not a hoarder, but growing up in a very frugal household you don’t throw away anything that could be useful at some future date, and then be forced to re-buy the item.

    As far as the little mesh bag, the zipper is throwing me.

    1. I’m trying to think of creative ways to get rid of books — I still have so many children’s books. And weird kitchen gadgets…. some have migrated here from Estelle’s…. And the correct answer is B — the make-up snood. She was from the generation that didn’t go to the mailbox without a full face. My kids would watch her make-up in her model’s coat and then get dressed…. the zipper goes in front BTW.

    1. Despite the title it’s a light read and remarkably funny. I can send it on to you when I finish it and need to death clean all my books. LOL

  2. I feel as if I’ve been death-cleaning for years. Unfortunately, people keep bringing stuff in, or giving me stuff I don’t need. The faster I get rid of the clutter, the faster others seek to replace it. I don’t think this book could help me.

    That bag… It wouldn’t keep dust off anything, and it wouldn’t really protect your face, so I’m leaning towards A. But it’s probably one of the more exciting options.

    1. Hi Chris,
      …. and thank you for playing “What IS that FOR?” Actually, it is to protect your face and hair when you get dressed. The zipper goes in the front (imagine that strange image — I would have manufactured the thing in BLACK — not PINK, for practical purposes). My MIL was really into make-up and she would fill me in on the latest and greatest.

      I agree with you that possessions do take so much energy. It’s like they have lives of their own requiring us to maintain them, to keep them tidy, to move them. The older I get the more I want to spend my limited energy on people and my own creativity. Maybe that’s a type of wisdom?

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